Monzo Pot Image Generator

I spent some time last night building a site for generating pot images:

You can choose from ~1000 icons (from the Font Awesome icon set), pick any colour you want for the background and download the image. You can also share your images with a link. e.g:

Some examples:

I hope this will be useful for a lot of people (I saw a lot of requests in the other thread so this might negate some of that).


This is amazing, thank you :clap:

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This is perfect thank you!

One thing: is it possible to slightly randomised the file name when you download? On Android it keeps wanting to overwrite the files if you do more than one.

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These are awesome mate!

I love these. Fantastic work.

I hadn’t considered that, I’ll look into it. Thanks for the feedback.

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Although it seems to save them as copies adding 1,2,3 after them so it’s no biggie! :grin:

I’ve just pushed a change so it will save as monzo-pot-image-ICON-BACKGROUND.png so I hope that helps :+1:


You are a wonderful human! Thank you!

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That’s perfect

This is amazing! I was thinking how something like this could be made after the other thread. It works a treat :slight_smile:

Is there any chance you could make some image backgrounds, as well as the static colours?

e:g this plus one I made to match the gradient in app?

Brilliant tool though :slight_smile:

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It might be possible with an image but I’d have to look into it (gradients are on my list to do)

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Fantastic work! I will be using this.

Could you add the Plus card colour? Someone posted them the other day with icons and they looked good.

Edit: This is it but Monzo probably have some rights over it.

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There goes my morning! This is brilliant (and fun!) thanks for pulling this together and sharing it.

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I’ll look into letting someone upload their own background as that would negate any rights over me using Monzo branded assets. I’m not entirely sure it’ll be possible with the library I’m using to generate the images but I will look into it at some point.


That’s great, I have a figma file I was dragging my FA Icons into, unfortunately I’ll still have to continue that way unless you can support FA Pro but great work! So many people will find this useful

Yeah I didn’t/don’t support FA pro because my subscription is ending in August (I was a Kickstarter backer) and I don’t have any interest in paying for it in the long term.

Yh I was a kickstarter too, I thought the Kickstarter pricing for FA6 wasn’t too bad though so went with it

Oh yeah the discounted price is good for sure, but this would be the only project I’d be using it on so I can’t justify it.

ah fair enough :slight_smile: