I'm just completely done with Monzo

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I’ve recently found two transactions that were not recognizable. (At Wandsworth Food and Wi, Mumbai Mix) Subsequently, I took the obvious next step to contact Monzo for help. However, all I got in return was that those unrecognizable transactions were made with Android pay and I was the one who did not keep my phone safe. (Even though my phone was with me all the time) I’ve even explained that just 30 minutes after the Mumbai Mix transaction at 22 Aycliffe Rd, Borehamwood WD6 4JW, I’ve made a transaction at Robert Dyas next to my house in Warren Street and it takes 40 minutes by car just to get to Mumbai Mix from Robert Dyas and it’s impossible. Nevertheless, the support repeatedly told me that there’s nothing they can do for me if the transaction was made with Android Pay. I’m utterly disappointed by Monzo and their support, I’ve closed my account and never coming back.


are the transactions not 2 days apart 4th and 6th of October ?


Did you get a notification after each transaction?

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Can you see the transactions in your Google pay account?

Where is Robert Dyas transaction? :eyes:

Yes those are two transactions that I don’t recognise and this is the Robert Dyas transaction. 20181007_190744

It’s uploaded below because I couldn’t upload more than three photos apparently.

Unfortunately, I’ve closed my account and deleted Google Pay so I haven’t got a clue

I don’t remember seeing them.

Not too sure how you think you’re going to get this sorted out after not getting the answer from Cops that you wanted, then closing your account and deleting any evidence you might have with google pay… hmmmm cant offer anymore advice , if you had kept your evidence you could presumably have challenged any payments then escalated it to the financial ombudsman having not got the reimbursement that you required from Monzo ???


Seriously? You want me to keep the account alive when unrecognizable transactions occur? And the support says that there’s nothing I can do even if another unrecognizable transaction occur?


Yes - seriously - :slight_smile: - did you not get a notification about the first unrecognised payment on 4th oct - did you query it with Cops, did you freeze your card with a fraudulent transaction notified to you ?


I would transfer all my funds out, but definitely keep the account until I reached a resolution I was happy with. You’re always in a better position dealing with a bank you have an account with than one you don’t.


Well…closing the account is my fault then. My Google pay account only shows history for transactions made on Google Play Store so seems like it’s no good to me

I don’t think I have ever heard of Google Pay fraud, to be honest. If you didn’t lose your phone as you say and these transactions were definitely made via Google Pay it might be the first ever case of Mobile NFC payments fraud.


I did not know about the first unrecognised transaction. I was reporting the second unrecognised transaction(at Wandsworth) and started looking back for other unknowns and found it.

The question that springs to my mind at the moment is, if you don’t recognise the Mumbai Mix transaction, how do you know that Mumbai Mix are 40 minutes away from Robert Dyas?


I’m willing to bet the answer to these questions is NO…

The person from the support told me that the transaction was made with Android Pay but now I’m even dubious if it was actually made with it since he did not provide and evidence.

I searched on Google maps