Thoughts on PIN reminder process

(Ross Pavitt) #1

Hi all,

I, rather cleverly, forgot my PIN last night (first big payment with my card). I tried using the View PIN function in the app, however I hadn’t expected it to be quite so involved or to require over a few seconds to complete. Hence I was left a little unsure (and sadly ended up using another card).

Was wondering if the photo of ID and video selfie are actually required? If so, is there a way of giving a rough time indication so I know if its ten seconds, in which case I should wait at the till, or over 5 minutes, in which case I will use alternative payment and fix the PIN issue later?

Monzo is awesome, I’m loving my new card, got my partner an account too and cannot wait for joint accounts.



( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #2

Hi Ross - on iOS if you have touch ID enabled in your “account” - “settings” you skip the authentication process to view your PIN and simply touch ID , its then displayed without any other steps

(Ian Lyon) #3

Hey Ross!

Glad you and your partner are loving your accounts :raised_hands:

In the vast majority of cases you’ll get your PIN within 10 minutes, although it’s often much quicker.

You’ll need to submit a photo of your ID and a video (this is just in case someone has access to your phone and tries to recover your PIN - we need to make sure it’s you), but if you don’t have your ID, just give us a shout over chat from the Help tab and let us know; we can look at alternatives and make sure you aren’t stuck without your PIN :+1:

I’d also second @iansilversides advice and say you should set up Touch ID to make things even easier.

Can I recover my PIN without doing a stupid selfie video?

if there was a PIN on the app they wouldn’t be in your app trying to retreive your card PIN!

(Ian Lyon) #5

In this scenario that assumes someone has been able to get by your phone passcode/biometric security in the first instance.

We hear you though. PIN lock is coming within three months.

(Ross Pavitt) #6

Ah so that’s interesting, thanks all. So I’m on android, so Touch ID I don’t believe isn’t an option. However my phone is fingerprint locked, and the app is also, separately, fingerprint locked. I’m not too familiar with Touch ID, but I assume that’s essentially the same thing as a fingerprint scanner right?

And yes, I think I agree that PIN is def a good fallback method :slight_smile:

(Ian Lyon) #7

Yep! You can lock your app with your fingerprint across both iOS and Android, just head into the Account tab, then tap Settings. You’ll find the option in there :+1:

(Ross Pavitt) #8

Ok cool, thanks @ianlyon. So, given that if I use Touch ID on iOS I don’t need to do a verification to view my PIN, then it follows that if the Monzo app on Android is fingerprint protected we wouldn’t need the verification step right? In which case are we just waiting for that feature to come to Android?

(Ian Lyon) #9

It’s the same on both platforms, so if you have Touch ID for Authentication set up on iOS, and Fingerprint Lock for Authentication set up on Android, then you won’t need to go through the full PIN Recovery process to get a PIN reminder - you’ll just tap the PIN button, confirm with your fingerprint, then see your PIN :blush:

(Ross Pavitt) #10

Thanks @ianlyon for the info. So that’s def not the experience I’m having. What I see:

  1. Open Monzo App
  2. See ‘Confirm fingerprint to unlock the app’
  3. Scan fingerprint
  4. Go to ‘Account’
  5. Scroll to my card
  6. Select ‘PIN’
  7. See screen that says ‘One more thing, Before we reveal your PIN, we need to check its really you. Please show us…’

I’m guessing that at stage 7, you would have expected me to have just been challenged for my fingerprint? I’ve checked and I don’t seem to have any app updates due, any thoughts on why I’m still being asked to provide verification?

(Kolok) #11

I’m on Android (latest update) and I’m getting the same as you, except number 7 is please enter your 3 digit security code, then 8 is please upload i.d. (I double checked that I out in the right cvv2)

Edit fingerprint unlock is enabled

(Ian Lyon) #12

Sorry @rossp that’s my bad - just double checked and we haven’t implemented PIN Recovery in the latest Android release yet. So sorry about that. I don’t personally use Android enough myself!

(Ross Pavitt) #13

Ah ok, no worries, thanks for checking anyway @ianlyon. So sounds like the right fix is in the works anyway, and in the meantime I have the workaround of remembering my PIN in future :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

(Ross Pavitt) #14

Ah yes you are right @kolok, I remember I got that too sometimes, I think this time I had already been playing around, got partway through, and then decided not to do the verification again, so when I went to get this list of steps the app must have remembered me being partway through. Interesting to know it remembers partial progress :slight_smile: