Forgot PIN, doh

(David Jobling ) #1

Forgot my PIN, silly me, unfortunately I tried too many times so now it’s blocked. How do I sort it? Thanks :grinning:

(Adam Williams) #2

The fact it’s blocked makes me think you’ll need to contact customer support from within the app. There should be a help section you can use.

In future, if you’ve got it wrong e.g. twice you can get a PIN reminder in the app! You’ll need to confirm your DOB, I think - but it’s automated otherwise.

Edit: apparently this now requires another photo ID and video selfie :confused:


:upside_down_face: Heads Up! :upside_down_face:
If you have Touch ID Authentication on, you can just use your fingerprint for this.

(Adam Williams) #4

What’s TouchID? :laughing:

Hopefully though the same logic will hold true when Monzo supports Imprint on Android.


My bad :poop:

Yeah, I’m sure they will. It was (still is) annoying having to submit ID and a selfie video to get a PIN reminder. That said, still better than getting it in the post x days later!

(David Jobling ) #6

Thanks for your reply, yes not long after posting I found the part about photo id and seflie

(Peter Roberts) #7

Not initially, just unlocking the app


This is certainly a different approach to getting a PIN reminder.

Starling just asks for your password and Barclaycard just wants the app PIN, but BC do SMS you afterwards to say someone’s recently checked your PIN.