Forgot PIN, doh

Forgot my PIN, silly me, unfortunately I tried too many times so now it’s blocked. How do I sort it? Thanks :grinning:

The fact it’s blocked makes me think you’ll need to contact customer support from within the app. There should be a help section you can use.

In future, if you’ve got it wrong e.g. twice you can get a PIN reminder in the app! You’ll need to confirm your DOB, I think - but it’s automated otherwise.

Edit: apparently this now requires another photo ID and video selfie :confused:

:upside_down_face: Heads Up! :upside_down_face:
If you have Touch ID Authentication on, you can just use your fingerprint for this.


What’s TouchID? :laughing:

Hopefully though the same logic will hold true when Monzo supports Imprint on Android.

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My bad :poop:

Yeah, I’m sure they will. It was (still is) annoying having to submit ID and a selfie video to get a PIN reminder. That said, still better than getting it in the post x days later!


Thanks for your reply, yes not long after posting I found the part about photo id and seflie

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Not initially, just unlocking the app

This is certainly a different approach to getting a PIN reminder.

Starling just asks for your password and Barclaycard just wants the app PIN, but BC do SMS you afterwards to say someone’s recently checked your PIN.

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If I’m getting it correctly from the thread, to unlock a PIN and get a new one, a Monzo user needs to do the following:

  1. Open the app
  2. Tap the button that says “PIN” just below the card
  3. Submit a photo of an ID and a selfie video OR just use fingerprint

After all these, you’ll be provided a temporary PIN immediately which you can opt to change at any high street bank ATM any time.

Did i get it correctly?

you can see your PIN in app just by tapping on “pin & card number”
but then if you hav eput in wrong PIN 3 times you will then need to visit a cash ATM
select PIN services and then unlock PIN before you can use your card again in shops.

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Thank you. Can we not change the PIN on the app? what are the reasons why it could only be changed through an ATM?

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Because the app can’t write a new PIN to the card feels like a good reason to me.


The ATM writes the new PIN to the card. Your phone can’t do that.


Some banks allow you to choose a PIN in the app before they print and send you the card. However, as others have stated, Monzo needs to connect physically to the card to change the PIN and that can only be done at an ATM.

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I believe it’s possible for this feature to be implemented but as others have said it would leave a state where both are out of sync. In theory once updated in app, next time you use the card at a chip and pin machine it would update ready for next use.

This may cause confusion and a poor UX if you’ve forgotten it’s been changed. In theory you could end up blocking your card.

I believe @Rika has posted something similar on the forum, if I find it I’ll link to it below:

Edit: Found some posts:

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Broadly, we can set the PIN at card personalisation time (when the blank card gets embossed and programmed), at an ATM, or by what’s called an issuer script.

Issuer scripts are little restricted programs that we can send the card from our systems to tell it to do certain things such as change PIN, unblock, reset offline limits, and so on. Issuer scripts make it technically possible to change a PIN without an ATM but this has a few downsides when combined with other factors.

The first is that issuer scripts are only delivered to the card during online chip authorisations where the card is inserted into a terminal for the whole transaction. As contactless use increases, the likeliness that your next transaction will be an online chip one is ever decreasing.

Let’s say we solve that by telling people to use chip and PIN for their next transaction. The next problem we face is that almost all terminals in the UK prefer checking the PIN against the card, rather than against the network. Because the PIN has not been changed on the card yet, you will need to enter your old PIN to complete that transaction before you can use your new PIN. However, if you go to an ATM or terminal outside of the UK and use chip and PIN, it will use the PIN from the network side to and decline if you use your old PIN. You have no way of knowing which PIN to use.

While these are all technically solvable, it has the very real possibility of going very confusingly wrong in a way that could potentially lock people out of using their cards. As most people seem to be okay with going to an ATM to change their PIN and the majority of PIN changes happen at the same time as replacing a card (where we can give the new card a new PIN at the factory) anyway, it’s not high on our list of things to implement. :slightly_smiling_face:

What I would personally really like is the ability to send issuer scripts to a card through an NFC capable phone. That would solve a lot of the usability issues because we could hold the finalisation of a PIN change until we confirmed it was set on the card and you wouldn’t need to make a purchase in a specific way. :boom:


Little nuggets of knowledge like this are awesome! It’d be great if Monzo has a knowledgebase/wiki/website that had this sort of information (with appropriate levels of technicality) that we could explore.

Thank you for sharing!


I did this 3 times. Each time the pin was expired. The last time i clicked on the notification as soon as it came through and it still was expired. This does not work

Use the in app support on Monzo