Very annoyed cannot get pin recovery

I have not been able to use my card for about a week - I’ve requested someone to contact through 2 times Help - not heard anything. I have submitted a pin recover - passport and video said it would take 10 mins been 30 mins - the phone number listed online does not work very annoyed as I have can’t gp tp the shop and buy food!

Hi Amanda welcome to the forum - on iOS I got it in 5 seconds …underneath the card image tap PIN and card number, touch ID, and PIN sent , have you been blocked from using your account / card ?

You can view your PIN in app - have you tried this?

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It is not the same for everyone. I can not view my PIN without verifying myself with selfie for example (I’m also on iOS).

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Mines just asks for the CVC (android)

Related question, I am feeling stupid, what is the images supposed to be representing?

Might be iOS or maybe a random spot check

Nah, it has always been like that. I don’t need a PIN reminder. My point is, not everyone sees the same thing.

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Have you been with Monzo an exceptionally long time and didn’t do this stuff to start with?

Didn’t do which stuff? Verify my ID - of course I did :slight_smile:

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I didn’t know if in the olden Mondo days you verified in a different way.

I find it so bizarre how many differences there are, normally between iOS and Android, but in this instance between different people on iOS.

Ha, I just checked and it’s given me the same image as you. Clearly we aren’t trusted to get our on pins!

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Not all requests are legitimate so they’re making sure someone isn’t masking themselves as you (a thief) to steal your PIN.

That’s my interpretation anyway :man_shrugging: Art has many forms :laughing:


Either that or every 11th request they send you a cowboy hat because you continually keep forgetting your PIN :cowboy_hat_face: :rofl:


in order to get the pin from ios without sending selfie’s you need to have on all the face id authentications, try that way and see if it works

They didn’t originally verify customers’ identity (other than to check that their email was the correct one) but full ID checks were introduced to existing customers when they upgraded from prepaid to current account.

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Again, incorrect.

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^^same for me.

Thanks everybody for your replies - much appreciated : )

It’s sorted then, just to confirm?

Hello yeah got it sorted : )

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