Pin reminder process

Just a thought on the PIN reminder process.

I was recently in Hong Kong, at the till, about to make a payment. Completely went blank as to what my PIN was. I thought, aha! There’s a reminder function in the app!

I didn’t realise that I would need to cancel the transaction, leave the shop, travel across town back to the hotel, retrieve my passport from the room safe and take a selfie before a PIN reminder will be released. I get that you want to maintain security (less said about recent issues the better…) but this is an onerous method. Other apps, like MBNA, Barclaycard etc have a pretty straightforward way of dealing with this. Why is Monzo making it so difficult?

Needless to say, I didn’t use Monzo for the transaction and had to incur huge foreign transaction fees from Amex. (Who also have a very simple PIN reminder function on their app, now I think of it)

I keep toying with fully moving over to Monzo but then little things like this crop up to remind me why I don’t.

Other banks have a whole song and dance about logging into their apps and automatically log you out after so long. Monzo don’t do this so in app actions need to be more secure

I wouldn’t call needing a fingerprint or a PIN a song and dance to access a banking app. It’s financial data, not a game. If my phone was stolen, at least the accounts where my money really is stored is safe and it’s only my Monzo account that gets emptied by the thief.

How could they do that? :thinking:

Let me think of a scenario. My bag has been stolen. In it are all the things a clever thief needs to acces my Monzo account: ID, a hastily scribbled down PIN cos of the song and dance to retrieve it, the bank card, a phone with an unlocked banking app that will easily display all my financial data. Phones are not unhackable and are easier to access than you may wish to believe. My Monzo account will be emptied before any others.

But back on topic: could there be an easier way to get a PIN reminder as it’s not always practical to follow the ID and selfie process?

In the case of such extreme negligence there is no bank that is safe. Of course you could lock the app

And no I doubt it will be easier to see your pin in app as if someone steals your bag and phone all they’d have to do is request a pin reminder in app


That’s weird, when I click PIN reminder it asks for my fingerprint and then shows the PIN. I didn’t have to show any ID.

I just tried it and got the same as you :woman_shrugging:

@Rat_au_van If you click on that you don’t have the card then it does ask for photo ID.

Do you mean if you’re waiting for a replacement to come?

No see the attached

Didn’t ask me for that

Straight to showing the PIN (after Touch ID)

Doesn’t ask me about the card either, just authenticates with Face ID and shows me the PIN.

@Rat_au_van I’m purely demonstrating what people have mentioned so that you’re aware.

I’m wondering why the differences?
Does it confirm the card or request ID if you don’t have any form of biometric security enabled do you think?

That’s exactly it. Turned off Touch ID for authentication and it asked for the CVV

Wonder when it asks for a selfie though? OP was not it the UK so it could be that :thinking:

Can’t afford a holiday to check that

I did post above a screen shot. If you don’t provide your CVV then it asks for a selfie & ID.

Test results, Android 2.60.1 beta, new nav:

Tapping on ‘PIN & card number’ under the card then shows a choice, one of which is ‘Get a PIN reminder’. Tapping on that then asks for a fingerprint (because my settings have fingerprint for authentication enabled) and when my fingerprint is recognised, my PIN is shown.

Tried on both Personal & Joint accounts 5 times in a row each (in case multiple attempts invoke some sort of lockout) - no problem experienced.

Turned off fingerprint-for-auth and retried; I also get the same request for CVV, but no selfie request.

Maybe it could be the geographical location issue. I’m overseas in 5 days and could try then.

EDIT Just re-read post above - it answers the question. No CVV provided = request for selfie.

I’m happy with this level of security and access but @fluffymitten I wouldn’t be happy with yours - do you have a way to secure your device further (fingerprint)?

On my app, I am asked for the 3 digits off the back of a card and then a selfie video while holding ID. I am back in UK, this is the same behaviour as when I was in HK.

I have never been prompted to associate my fingerprint with my account. Cannot see where in the settings I can do this.

App version 2.59.1 (2 August) on Android 9. Play is not presenting a 2.60 for me to download.