Can I recover my PIN without doing a stupid selfie video?

(Jordan) #1

Seriously, you can’t even just mouth the words now, you have to say them out loud.

(Eve) #3

I had no idea you could just mouth the words before. That’s bizarre. What is the point of just mouthing it though? does it make it less embarrassing? A genuine question


Get in touch with Monzo COps in-app chat they might help you without doing a selfie

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #5

Nevermind, I’m sure you you would do more then complain if someone just “mouth the words” to get your pin so they can steal your money.

Jeez, everything Monzo do is to secure your account and money, if you don’t like it just keep your cash under the bed.

(Jordan) #6

Well they’d need to mouth the words, look exactly like me, and also happen to have my driving license, so I wouldn’t be too concerned…

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #7

So if you’re not too concerned about that what is the issue about saying a few words to get your pin?

You’d have to ask for your pin on the phone or in person to a high street bank… just easier this way.

(Andy Little) #8

I’ll admit doing a selfie video feels a little silly. But I’d much rather that than sit on hold on a phone line for 20 minutes, explain my request to an operator, then wait a couple of weeks for a new pin to arrive in the post.

What method of pin reminder would you prefer?


For reference a Monzo staff member posted this in a reply to similar sort of question;


This. 100 times this. These sort of things need to be difficult!


not all phones have a fingertip reader

(Leon) #13

Huh? Are you using an iPhone?


And the Android app doesn’t support payments with fingerprints yet (which is the system PIN recovery uses).