I don't have a PIN For my new MONZO card


I haven’t long received my new Monzo card and I don’t remember receiving a PIN with this.

I’m travelling to Ireland this coming weekend and I went into the Monzo app on my iphone to check it was still there, and was asked for a PIN - I automatically entered my bank card’s PIN twice, then the other when that was wrong and have now been locked out of the app and being able to add any money to the card.

I’m sure I didn’t receive a PIN number with this newer card. I’ve been through the process of having to send another selfie video and a photo of my driver’s licence, but how long will this all take? How will I be notified of my PIN? I’m worried I won’t receive this before I travel to Ireland on Friday?

I look forward to hearing back from you shortly.



I’ve been through the process of having to send another selfie video and a photo of my driver’s licence, but how long will this all take?

On a weekday it should be a matter of minutes, at least it was for me when I replaced my card.


When you signed up for Monzo, You would have set-up your PIN. I guess you forgot that you did that?


Thanks guys, I guess I did forget to set my PIN when I received my new card?!

I think I can probably guess what it is, but I haven’t heard back from them yet and I sent this about 20 mutes ago.

What do I do Monzo??

You can give them a nudge via in-app chat or email help@monzo.com - But they will come back to you if you can wait a bit more.

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Hey Rebekah, thanks for posting! The in-app PIN recovery usually gets done quite quickly but there can sometimes be a backlog. Let me look into this for you.

Just checked the queue and it’s clear - have you gone back to the PIN recovery section in the app @Beks44? It should be there now! Let me know if not.

Hi Simonb,

I’m really sorry - I can’t see the in-app PIN recovery? Am I being thick? I’m on the Account button on my iphone, but it’s just showing me how to add money and how to set up my card with Apple Pay, which is how this all started!

Thank you.


Under the graphic of the Monzo card on the account screen, do you see a button that says PIN?

Yes, I’ve done all that, I pressed PIN, and I’ve submitted a short video and my driving licence details and it said it would notify me, but I’ve had nothing back so far.

Will I have to do this again now?

Yes, please. Not sure what happened there. It may not have submitted properly the first time.

Okay, will do this again now. Will you be able to see this when I’ve done this? I’ll let you know when I’ve done it. Thank you.

Hi again,

I’ve just re-submitted this and it’s saying it’s verifying my identity and that they will send an notification as soon as it’s done, do I just need to leave it to whirr around now?

Thank you.

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That’s correct!

Okay thank you, have you any idea how long this will take?

It’s usually not more than 10 mins!

Okay, great thank you. What will I look out for? An email or will it be something on the Monzo App?

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You’ll get an alert within the app :slight_smile:

Hi again,

I’ve received nothing so far and again it’s over 10 minutes ago that I submitted a 2nd video and driving licence details. Surely it shouldn’t be this difficult to get my PIN sorted on my app when I’ve verified myself twice?! It just doesn’t appear to be working on my app?

Am panicking because I wanted to be able to use my card this weekend.

My phone is not connected to Wifi at the moment - it’s on 4G, will that affect this process at all?

Thank you.


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