Things Monzo has given up on

Vote for your favourite thing that Monzo said it would do, and then went silent about:

  • International transfers
  • Merchant data corrections
  • Credit reference agency reporting

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Please vote for one option (even though I accidentally allowed multiple choice).

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I get the frustration - but things go silent all the time, I wouldn’t say they’ve “given up” on it, most likely its just a lengthy process and there’s no updates as of yet :man_shrugging:t2:


I also don’t understand the purpose of the poll because you can vote for multiple things, so why not tick them all?

For the most part, the reason they’ve put these things on hold is to work on other stuff. For example Monzo Points to focus on Monzo Plus.

So yeah I’d like Monzo Points but at the moment it is costing me money being on Monzo Plus so I’m happy with that decision for the time being :man_shrugging:

FYI: As far as I’m aware you can’t edit a poll without wiping all the votes, so no more options can be added :slight_smile:


Where’s the complementary topic where we vote for our favourite thing that Monzo HAS done?


It’s mainly the silence - not the fact that they can’t do everything. I understand that things take time. But things like merchant data corrections, that used to work, are now broken. And despite Monzo saying they’d fix it months ago, there’s been no update.

And you’re right, I can’t edit the poll, but I added a note to say please choose one option.


What about the pin code? That was left behind on the ‘big list’.

By international transfers, do you mean inbound? As we already have outbound.

If so… we definitely haven’t “given up” on that.


I think that’s part of the problem Monzo have had. They’re pretty vocal about things they’re working on when they’re announced, and then when priorities shift (for whatever reason), there’s radio silence.


Silence is bad.
If there’s no progress to report then there should be an update that says that.

We’ve lost that with the end of the Trello board where you could see things being at different stages for a long time.

If Monzo staff have to be chased for an update that ends up saying “nothing to report” that leaves a worse taste in your mouth than an occasional “we know there’s still demand for this and we’ll get to it after x,y,z.” Sure you’ll have people saying they don’t care about x,y,z but it’s better than nothing.


I’d say inbound (that’s what I personally want anyway)

I don’t think that we can predict the things that Monzo have given up on. They may go quiet on things and I suspect that priorities regularly change due to other pressures we, as customers, may not always be aware of.

I personally would like the Trello board (or similar) to be reinstated for the community to see the main features (both app and others) so we have visibility.

However, I also think we need to keep in mind that very few banks share so much with their communities or are as transparent about issues, challenges etc.


Yes I meant inbound

No one would blame Monzo for saying: we can’t do what we said we wanted to do but hopefully we’ll have an update for you in September. That was what was so good about the monthly emails.

That’s why I can’t blame them about cheque imagining. They wanted to do it. When it became clear that other things had to take priority, they were upfront that they had to cancel the project. It’s about managing expectations.


I wouldn’t say no one

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The CRA reporting bugs me the most.

There’s no real obstacle other than money.


Same. It’s the one thing that makes me consider moving back to my legacy bank, if it’s something that’s just not going to be introduced at Monzo. That and the fact that joint accounts don’t seem to be reported at all.

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So @simonb any chance we could get an update ?

Silence from Monzo is bad… which is entirely their own doing based on wanting to be more open when they have something to say.

Silence from Lloyds/Barclays/HSBC is perfectly normal (and accepted)… But they don’t have the fan base that Monzo has (which in part, is because of the shouting Monzo has done).

The public roadmap was OK (ish)… It was certainly better than nothing.

I just find it a little frustrating to see features discussed and then completely shafted… To the point where I’m pretty sure Monzo pretend like it was never discussed in the first place :joy:


Sorry, which thing were you looking for an update on?

There is some discussion happening around reporting to other CRA’s, and if there’s any tangible updates that I can share about that, then I will. Given that if this happens it would involve commercial deals with other companies, I’m sure you can understand that we are limited in the information we could share here.


They haven’t exactly gone silent about Merchant Data Corrections. More than one staff member has posted to say that the problem is the tooling used isn’t up to scratch any more (because of scaling, I’d guess), and they need to develop new tools before major improvements can be made. And, rightly or wrongly, this isn’t a high priority at the moment.

Which is a little disappointing, but not exactly silence.

That they don’t reply to many of the “What the heck has gone wrong here?!” posts is probably because these reports should go through the app for action instead, so there’s not much a forum poster could do other than say “Report this in the app”.