Request: An Update for International Receiving Money In To Your Monzo Account 2020? (SEPA & SWIFT)

Hello Monzo Gang,
I wanted to find out what the hold up or the roadmap is to receive money successfully on Monzo from international accounts. I have read on the Monzo Blog that they are NOT connected to SWIFT or SEPA. What is the timeline for this?

Some of my income may come internationally, and some of the people I am paid from do not want to use Transferwise as an intermediary bank.

Basically, what is the latest news on SWIFT and SEPA? When will Monzo have these in place? A couple of months or more than a year? I


The latest news is that there is no news :man_shrugging:



And there was me hoping that thread title meant an announcement was going to be made!


Yeah agreed :laughing:

Slightly changed the thread name so that others dont fall foul to thinking the same as we did

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I’ve made several SEPA transfers of various amounts into my Monzo account within the last few months, that have arrived without problem.

Around a year ago they were being rejected outright, so something must have changed.

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I’ve had it work with a generated iban for a SEPA transfer but you do so at your own risk.

The recommendation is to use transferwise or another account then transfer to Monzo.

Monzo now shows as a SEPA participant on the European Payments Council website.


As much as that sounds like good news i think ill wait until monzo come out with it themselves.

Could be just laying the groundwork at the moment.

On another note, not sure why they wouldnt share the plans that they are aiming to do this by say end of the year? Surely wouldnt be under nda for these sorts of things

Unfortunately, the days of Monzo sharing their plans seem to be long gone


Agree, although normally you would not be a full member of these things unless you had passed some tests proving you can do the payments etc.

You can generate an IBAN which is great but when they don’t yet support all types of SEPA payments, its a bit limiting still when making payments internationally

SEPA Credit Transfer is supported.
SEPA Direct Debit is not supported.
B2B is not supported.
SEPA Instant Credit Transfer is not supported.

Bums! :frowning_face: