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I’ve not been super closely following the Metro Bank developments, but Co-op Bank might outlast them, Liza Minelli styley!!

I’ve got a shiny new Co-op account for their latest switch bribe. It’s pretty basic, my test transfer of a quid took ten minutes (shocking, I know) and I can’t add it to my Connected Account list in Monzo.

On the plus side, registering for online was nice and easy, although it took 3 days from applying to get account details.

It’s actually been getting slower. Several years back it was just a few minutes. Or maybe I’ve just less patience nowadays :thinking:

I’m scared for when I have to transfer over the big amount to qualify for the bribe. Gonna be a rocky few minutes.

I had it for the £125 last year. Every single transaction I made was flagged for fraud and I had to spend 10+ minutes on the phone getting it sorted every time.

I actually kind of liked how simple the app/website was, and it was usually pretty quick, but I couldn’t put up with phoning customer service anymore so switched it for more £.

I’ve never had them query a transaction but to be fair I’ve used them off and on for years. Maybe it settles down after a bit.

I guess I’ll find out soon. I’ve applied for a credit card too for a balance transfer.

It settled down for me after a year of using it, oddly when I then got my salary paid in there it flared up again. I didn’t despise their offering as some do here, but I’m not majorly drawn to go back.

Still waiting on a decision. Tried calling them today but it was a thirty minute wait.

So M&S got my business and accepted me within two minutes.

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Fair enough. I’m glad you didn’t end up despising them, since if memory serves me right I referred you!

At least they processed the large payment you needed OK.

I tend to agree that, for me anyway, they’ve not been seriously bad (as in nothing has really gone wrong) just very, very dated: slow payments, basic app and generally administratively, very slow (I opened a savings account & also switched in to try out their latest switch offer, and it took ages to get a switch date plus ages for the account to manually be opened after submitting an Adobe Sign form).

Hopefully I now haven’t jinxed it and they will actually pay out for the offer since I believe I qualify.

I also understand that they’ve dramatically cut down on telephone banking availability, especially for Smile customers (once, Smile was 24/7 and apparently answered the phone quickly every time; now you are only allowed to call them in “emergencies” or if self-service isn’t possible, and only card lost/stolen is available out of hours). I don’t really care about that because I never call banks if I can avoid it anyway, but some longtime customers were probably very annoyed by it.

I think their top priority needs to be speeding their payments up! But I’ll keep my accounts (why not?) and see what Coventry Building Society brings. Going by their own new app, probably not much!

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Remarkable memory! It did assist that payment and it was nice to get £50 from moving over at the time! That referral scheme later rose from £50 to £125 and I made a pretty penny off of it. In the end the main reason I left was for another bonus :slight_smile:

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Fair enough, glad it worked out for you!

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