The Apple Pay card should be separated from the physical debit card


Unlucky as I was my physical Monzo card got stolen/lost, so I ordered a replacement card sent to me after I’d frozen the card from the app. Unfortunately that also froze the Apple Pay card. The card in Apple Pay should be a separate card from the physical one, so that it continues to work even if the physical one is frozen. In this situation, I’m left without a working card until the replacement card get’s here.

As I’m new to Monzo, this might already be an option? If not, this a feature I want.


If I remember reading the Apple Pay blog page, the moment you order a new card, it should be available to you in the app.

Of course, you need to remove the old one first

I ordered a replacement card last week. Apple Pay still had my old one even after I activated my new card. I would have thought it would update with the new card as soon as Monzo generated it, as other banks do.

Edit: never mind re read it!

Don’t think my RBS cards automatically updates when i order a new one. Usually need to re-add it?

Unfortunately, although I’ve frozen the old card and ordered a replacement card the old one still shows up in the app, where the new one does not.

Weird, maybe one of the Monzo staff can address that? @simonb

I’ve sent the Monzo team a message in the app asking them how to get ride of the old card, and for the app to show the new card who is on the way, but they have yet to respond. I’ll update this post when I hear back from them.

You have to wait until you have received and activated your new card and it will automatically add to Apple Pay

That’s all fine, but how do I remove the old card?

I believe from my experience with Nationwide, when you lose your debit card the Apple Pay card continues to work and updates itself automatically to reference the new card once ordered so it is do able.

Do you have an activate new card prompt on your app? Once you do you can use your card and it will update Apple Pay so you can use that again

That’s not how mine worked. I had to delete it from wallet and add my new card to Apple Pay.

Maybe I just didn’t wait long enough.

I don’t use Apple Pay so just going by the blog posts. Sorry if I’ve got it wrong

Next to my old (and frozen) card, there is a button who says “my card arrived”. I assume I’ve to push the button and enter the 16 digits on the front of my card when it arrives, and maybe then the old card gets replaced by the new one.

There is no option to add the new card to Apple Pay before it arrives, but I can of course defrost the lost card and add it to Apple Pay and defrost/refrost it each time I make a transaction, but that would be a hassle.

No there isn’t. Apple Pay is frozen along with the card

It had been discussed that at some stage in the future you will be able to use the new card with Apple Pay but there is no time line for this yet

Many banks do this, but monzo doesn’t.

That’s what I’ve heard, that’s why it’s unfortunate that Monzo dosen’t.

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@nanos that’s why it’s on the suggestions thread! :wink:

Although I agree that it would be nice if the Apple Pay card automatically updated with the replacement card, I disagree with the “title” of this thread - Apple pay has the same Card Number as your physical card, if the physical card is stolen/lost and wasn’t frozen then the the bank would not be able to differentiate between what you spent and what the thief spent. Think of Apple Pay as a digital clone of your physical card - however your card behaves (ie declining transactions etc), you Apple Pay card will mimic.

That’s not true :slight_smile: The bank and the merchant see completely different cards when paying by Apple Pay, Google Pay, or physical card.

Whilst that is currently true, there is no inherent reason not to change that, if Monzo wanted to.

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