Instant Digital Card

Bumping this thread again…

Again, I find my card details have been used and I’ve had to freeze my card and order a new one.

If I was #fullmonzo I wouldn’t have the ability to spend/get money.

Would be a great idea if an instant Apple Pay card would become available when you reorder a new one :blush:


@anon61087081 I’ve split this out as I feel it warrants it’s own idea thread!

I’d also very much much like to see the pan number generated instantly and made available as a virtual card and/or on Apple Pay and Google Pay


Surprisingly my amex did this. It automatically updated in Google pay when I requested a new card. Very helpful


I completely agree with this idea. I feel a step further would be to allow customers to allow customers to dissociate their physical Monzo card with their Apple/Android Pay tokenised version - so it’s possible for them to freeze their physical card without impacting Apple/Android Pay.

When you lose your wallet, Apple/Android Pay would likely be the most convenient backup, and it seems a real own-goal to freeze it at the same time.

Any thoughts?


With bunq, you can set the Cvc number to regenerate every five minutes with their Mastercard


From my experience… Amex automatically update the card the in Apple Pay/Google Pay IF it’s already added. There doesn’t seem to be a way to add it from the App yet, so you still need the physical card.

In Starling once you order a new card the old one is automatically cancelled and the new one is immediately available for Apple Pay (with some limitations on spending limits) - Definitely not saying this is the reason Monzo should do it, just giving examples.

I think this would be a great feature to have in Monzo, even if the tokenised version had a slightly different design to remind you to keep and eye out for that new physical card


iOS has the ability to add a card from within app using the PassKit API.

In Starling you can add and activate your apple pay card as soon as you sign up before you receive the card which is one thing I really enjoyed about the Starling process


Great idea, a virtual card would be good to have, especially if it’s there the moments it’s ordered.


I know that when you cancel a card with Nationwide, your Apple Pay card is immediately updated and ready to use.


This saved me on a recent trip where the day before, Nationwide detected a fraudulent transaction in my credit card. After getting off the phone with them I found that the card in Apple Wallet was already updated. Was hugely helpful!


I really liked this feature of Starling - I could use my account with them as soon as I opened it… I was very surprised when Monzo didn’t borrow it :frowning:

Monzo use the same API. They’ve just added an SMS verification barrier for some annoying reason :frowning:



Yup… Glad to see some others agree… bit annoying at the moment… Monzo is the first card in my Apple pay wallet, given I had it frozen (and have now ordered a new one), I have to keep switching to my RBS card

Ok, it’s 2 seconds of my life… but could be easily fixed :wink:

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+1 here - Even though I would hope to never need it.

I found it strange when Monzo had a big announcement about using your account before the card arrived recently - But all it included was bank transfers and setting up DD’s etc.

My assumption was that they must have thought about giving people the ability to use a digital card, but decided against allowing it?

Unless there was a lot more work that would have been needed to allow this?

Either way, it would be nice to see that functionality added.


Crazy idea, but being able to have multiple virtual cards so you could use a different one per online retailer would be cool to potentially identify where people are stealing card details from.


It’s a nice idea, but baby steps first. :wink:

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Ditto - and as I find myself in a situation of where I need a new card due to fraudulent activity, I can’t use my Monzo account. As I say… i’m not full Monzo, so it’s not a problem… but for those that are :neutral_face:

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I believe Monzo’s advice is to freeze your old card and unfreeze it when you need to use it and freeze it again.

I do wonder whether card distribution is done completely separate from the app so the system doesn’t actually know what card you’re gonna get until you type the number in :thinking: that would sure be a roadblock with having the card details in the app before you confirm what card you actually have.


I’m not overly convinced that’s the best advice, one for the wastage in card material (we’re meant to be reducing plastic waste) and for convenience. Then there’s the cost to Monzo in continually having to churn out new cards (yes, it’s minor, but it will add up eventually).

Plus Apple pay is more secure than using the card itself.

You can reorder the cards in

Tap hold and drag so that the one at the front is the one you want as the default card. :grinning:

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I know… I have my monzo one at the front (given that I spend on it daily)… now I have to order my RBS one to the front until I get another Monzo card #firstworldproblems

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