Thoughts on in app display of definitely lost/stolen card

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So I went to use my Monzo card in a Barclays ATM last night - I was off to a pay as much as you feel is right theatre event, so a rare outing for cash

The ATM immediately decided that it did not like the type of card. It tried and failed repeatedly to spit it out, each time it getting seemingly caught on the lip, until it just decided it was “retaining” the card

None of that is on Monzo and I was much relieved to be able to dive onto my phone to first freeze the card and then report it lost/stolen (and also to take my Starling card out of deep freeze!)

My thoughts however are around how this lost card is now displayed in app as below

It still shows the old card details and has a Defrost option, making it appear I can reactivate it

In this case it is definitely lost, so I really don’t want any chance of that

All too many years of software development have cautioned me against clicking Defrost to see what happens

Could/should we have a more definite lost/stolen state for when we absolutely know it’s gone never to return?


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(I have blurred the card numbers, but they were there)


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You might want to defrost it for an online order while waiting for your new card so need access to those details. While your card is lost it does not appear there’s a chance it could be compromised so you might still want to use it and freeze it after again


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In my case it would be much more preferable to be given the new card number now to remove the ambiguity. This card is never to return, so any attempt to use online could be seen as the action of someone other than me. Don’t like the idea of running the gauntlet



I think there might be a security issue if Monzo let you activate your new card before it physically arrives.

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They make a big deal of using Google Pay before a new customer gets a card…

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I see that as less of an issue than guessing whether it’s safe to unlock the lost/stolen one for a few minutes


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Emphasis on second paragraph here. Seems to agree with me, but leaves it to me to enforce, coming back around to my original point



I thought Google Pay/Apple Pay didn’t use the actual card number when making transactions though?

The security issue is more related to someone intercepting the card in the post.


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Someone at Barclays has my actual card right now though…



But your card is frozen and you know it’s stolen/missing…


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Maybe going around a little in circles now, so I will leave it to others to see what they think. Votes please :slight_smile:

Basically I am in a grey area until my new card arrives

I do not have my old card or my new card

  • the former is definitely lost and so I need to keep it frozen, but I can unfreeze it by accident
  • the latter has not arrived and I cannot add it to Google Pay even though a new customer can before they get theirs

I will make it by with my teal card for now, but was thinking more about whether this is a workflow that can be cleared up before the number of people with cards gets even larger



I think this type of scenario is a perfect example of how Apple’s approach to the upcoming Apple Card may be better.

i.e. the physical card number being different from the card number associated to the card used for online purchases and in Apple wallet/google wallet.

In your case @MichaelMayes, if the physical card had a different card number, you could report it as lost/stolen, without it affecting the virtual card/online purchases, and without having to freeze/unfreeze repeatedly. Also, it would avoid any potential security issues of being able to use your new card number online whilst the replacement is on its way (if physical/virtual shared the same card number).

Also going back to your original idea of having an option when the card is definitely lost never to return, within the idea of having separate physical/virtual card numbers, on the physical card you could still have the temporary freeze option in case it was just misplaced, or if you requested a replacement card then obviously it would just totally disable the lost one anyway - without having any effect on virtual card.


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Good stuff

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I agree that it would be good to be able to add your replacement card to Apple/Google Pay before it arrives. However, I have reservations about Monzo showing the card number in your app while you wait from a replacement card.

The ability to freeze your card then unfreeze your card on virtual wallets would allow people to use their old card through Apple/Google Pay while they wait for a replacement without having to worry about someone else using it.

Having a different card number associated to Apple/Google pay than the one on your card is a really good idea.


(Michael) #16

Would be down with that

I notice that freezing my Starling card for a few months had not affected whether it was still showing in Google Pay and I did not need to add it again today

Locking Monzo, even if just while out and about, removes it from Google Pay and does not add it back automatically - this has nearly caused me to use the wrong card at times when unlocking

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I wonder if that’s intentional or a bug - on iOS freezing your card temporarily doesn’t remove it from Apple Wallet, just temporarily disables it:


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None of the above was a pop at Monzo, just a suggestion for reducing ambiguity in ongoing use of card

Top work by Monzo having my replacement in my post this morning - ordered it in app at 7pm on Thursday!



I don’t think it came across as taking a “pop at Monzo” at all :blush: just valuable feedback on different situations, food for thought on potential UX/UI improvements down the line.

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Yeah, just wanted to be sure that it was understood that Barclays are the only ones on the offending side here. Taking out FinTech one card at a time :joy: