If you freeze your card, will Apple Pay continue working?

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Hi, I’m very excited that Apple Pay has finally been launched.:+1:

A quick question: if for any reason a customer needed to freeze their card, would they still be able to continue making Apple Pay payments? It would be very handy to know that if a card is misplaced, it’s still possible to use Apple Pay as a backup.

Many thanks for the clarity!

Virtual Card Onboarding Process
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It’s a good question!

If your card has been suspended (because it was lost or stolen) it may be possible it would cascade to Apple Pay. (like this)

From Apple’s website…

"Once your card is approved, your bank or your bank’s authorized service provider creates a device-specific Device Account Number, encrypts it, and sends it along with other data (such as the key used to generate dynamic security codes unique to each transaction) to Apple. Apple can’t decrypt it, but will add it to the Secure Element within your device. The Secure Element is an industry-standard, certified chip designed to store your payment information safely. The Device Account Number in the Secure Element is unique to your device and to each credit or debit card added. It’s isolated from iOS and watchOS, never stored on Apple Pay servers, and never backed up to iCloud. Because this number is unique and different from usual credit or debit card numbers, your bank can prevent its use on a magnetic stripe card, over the phone, or on websites".

So in theory, if your card is frozen, Apple Pay should still work.

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Y’know, you could just give it a go. Freeze the card temporarily and try and buy something online or in store with Apple Pay.

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Thanks for your suggestion. I obviously didn’t have my thinking cap on.

Question answered: I’ve just tried freezing my Monzo card, and got the following notification:

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When you then thaw (unfreeze) your card, you get a second notification telling you that Apple Pay is once again available.

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I know you’ve already found your answer but it’s also on the website.

Can I continue to use Apple Pay if I freeze my card in the Monzo app?
No. If you need to freeze your card in the Monzo app your Monzo card will not work on Apple Pay.

(Richard) #8

Wonder if you freeze your card and order a new one… does the new card become immediately available inside the app?

Edit: really need to read that webpage… it’s on there :smiley:


Totally off topic, but is there an authoratitive list of these /features/ pages somewhere? Maybe I’m being thick, but https://monzo.com/features/ gives a 404…

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For those not on the Dev Slack, @daniel.cannon had this to say:

I’ve already shared my opinion there that if someone can use Apple Pay on your phone they’ll almost certainly be able to access Monzo on your phone and unfreeze your card, which makes this feel a bit redundant in my opinion.

Daniel also added:


Unfortunately this doesn’t appear to be the case in Monzo currently, having just replaced a card after seeing a strange failed transaction. I was one of the few who snuck in on Tuesday though, so this might be a side effect of that (although my MacBook and iPad which I only added today also required the Apple Pay to be reprovisioned).

Edit: The official page suggests this shouldn’t be the case, so this is possibly an early adopter issue (apparently I got blocked because of too many attempts - possibly due to a dodgy connection to my watch)

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Maybe one day physical cards will be redundant

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Thank you all for commenting and for sharing those details.

It feels to me like:

  • losing your card and your phone at the same time is a specific use case.

  • losing your card and still needing your virtual (Apple Pay) card to pay for transport To get home feels to me like a much more likely use case, so it would be great in future to have a solution that caters for it

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Following the release of Apple Pay (finally!); I helped setup my brother a Monzo account using a golden ticket!

However for some bizarre reason; he has to wait for the old fashioned plastic card to arrive before being given the option of using Apple Pay?

If you take a look at Starling or even Boon’s setup, a virtual card is available before even the physical card arrives. Will this be reviewed? :slight_smile:

The other comment is; I’m assuming when a card is cancelled / blocked and replaced - a new Apple Pay card is automatically re-issued without the need for the new physical card?


No you have to wait for the new physical card or to unfreeze if you have frozen it

All the answers https://monzo.com/features/apple-pay/

Edit: I believe they are keeping the option under review for the future

(Aaron) #16

Not a great experience in that case; lots of the legacy banks also do it this way.
The end aim is to replace physical with virtual cards, therefore this limits customers experience and traction with virtual cards.

Scenario 1 (A prominently physical Card user) -

If their physical card is lost or stolen; the user is unable to use their virtual card as an alternative whilst waiting for physical to arrive.

Scenario 2 (A prominently virtual card user) -

If their physical card is lost/stolen; whilst they may not use often. Obviously they need to report and request a new one. However this shouldn’t penialse them and prevent them from using their virtual card still.

In this case a new virtual card should be issued immediately upon request.

Thanks for the link, should have checked that first! This is definitely something which needs to be reviewed, sooner rather then later!


I’m just moving this to the original discussion so we can keep things together and stop the same points in multiple places :+1:


Had that happen to me with my Natwest credit card recently. Due to fraud I had to get a new card (natwest takes forever to issue those, BTW), but I could keep using Google Pay in the mean time. Was quite a nice experience, and if even NatWest (who use an online banking interface from the 80s) can do this, then Monzo should as well…


This isn’t really connected to frozen cards, though, the question was about onboarding, and developed into lost or stolen cards…

I think these are two distinct use cases

  1. the customer freezes their card.
  2. the customer is issued a new card (replacement or first)

And I think they should be treated differently: personally I feel its reasonable and expected to block Apple/Google Pay in the 1st case, whereas it would massively improve the customer’s experience to enable Apple/Google Pay in the 2nd case.


It was going down the frozen card and replacement card route. I thought the points would overlap in a lot of cases

(I still have my ‘L’ plates on, if I make mistakes please forgive me)


Nothing to forgive! Just making a point (which I edited into my post while you were replying - apologies for that!) that in my opinion these two cases should be treated differently :slight_smile: