Immediate Replacement Card

(David) #1

I recently lost my Starling card and upon cancelling the card from within their app, I was instantly issued with a new card that I could link straight away to Apple Pay. I found this incredibly helpful and had no disruption to spending whilst the physical card was prepared and shipped out.

Will Monzo be offering something similar?

Expedited delivery for debit cards
(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #2

Nationwide do the same.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

This seems like one of the more obvious applications of Apple / Android pay so I assume they will, once they launch mobile NFC payments, which is on the roadmap here.

The team have talked about doing it before too.

Nothing’s been confirmed yet though.

(Ian Lyon) #4

This is pretty much a standard feature of Apple/Android Pay given the nature of how the services link in with your bank, so in pretty much every situation, you’ll be able to use your Apple/Android Pay virtual card as soon as you’ve been issued with a replacement by your bank - even before you physically receive the replacement in the post :eyes::mailbox_closed:

It’s awesome, and since it’s part of the way these systems are set up, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that Monzo will support it as soon as Apple Pay & Android Pay are officially launched with the Current Account :+1:

(David) #5

Fantastic - good to know! Thanks


I assume to get an immediate replacement in AP Monzo have to know the new card number to associate with your account so they won’t just be picking the next envelope off the pile to send you, and leave it to the end user to register as they do now?


@RichardR once gave me a very good description of how it works but I’m struggling to find it. It was possibly on slack.


The “card” in Apple Pay is actually a totally different card with its own number and everything, so cancelling a physical card doesn’t even have to take any effect on the Apple Pay “card”.

(Adam) #9

Although the ApplePay card has a different card number it is linked to your physical card. Due to this, when your physical card is replaced, all digital cards needs to be replaced. A digital card (single or multiple) can be replaced without the physical one being replaced.

Which is why when a new physical card is issued, the digital cards are updated (otherwise they would stay the same)


Wouldn’t it be linked to your account instead? I don’t see the point of adding complexity to link the Apple Pay card to the physical card instead of linking to the account instead. I would understand it for legacy banking if they had to work around their legacy stack but for a stack built from scratch I just don’t see the advantage.

(Hugh) #11

Because it is the way the card networks (Visa, MasterCard) work. As you say, legacy banks :confused:


Do the card networks care about it or even see the difference? As far as I know they’d treat the virtual Apple Pay card just like any other card and it’s up to Monzo to then assign the transaction to the proper account…

(Hugh) #13

Yes. Because it is a totally separate card as far as the POS is concerned. They are simply linked at the card network level (from what I understand) - the whole idea of having a virtual card is to protect the physical card’s details.


Oh okay if the linkage is made at the card network level then it makes sense. My idea was to not link the cards at all and have Monzo issue two totally different cards - one would be the physical card and another one would be loaded into Apple Pay. They’d still take money out of the same account but would be completely unrelated.

(Adam) #15

When you add a card to ApplePay is does create a new card number for use only on that device. i.e. my Watch and iPhone have different ‘device account numbers’ despite being linked to the same physical card.


Yeah I know my point was about whether to link those virtual cards to the main Monzo card or to treat them as totally separate cards so cancelling the physical card would have no effect on the virtual ones.

(Jolin) #17

I am (very) far from an expert in this, but that is not my understanding. My understanding is:

  • The ApplePay card and the physical card are both linked to your account.
  • The ApplePay card can get details of your physical card (to display the same card number, respect any block on the physical card) to ‘act’ as if they are one/linked cards.
  • If you replace a physical card, the ApplePay card will update with the details of the new card.

But as I understand it, from a technical standpoint the ApplePay card could act completely separately from the physical card, as it is linked directly to your account, and doesn’t have to be replaced when your physical card is. Presumably at the moment, this would just be too confusing for people to manage.

I’m happy to be corrected by anyone with knowledge of these systems, this is just my basic understanding.