Out of interest, how often do the TestFlight versions get updated and do I need to do anything to receive those updates? Is it a matter of just dipping in and out of the app to see when an update is available?


I have an iPhone and every time I turn it on in the morning notifications pop up if there are any updates of the programs I have in TestFlight

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Oh OK thanks - maybe I’ll see a notification then with any updates.

Yeah you should get a notifications and an email usually from TestFlight for any updates.


Yup, had a notification and email tonight about CA app v2.0.0 (320)

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Any idea how often it will be updated? Is it when things are ready or some kind of rolling 2 week sprint?

Just been to the Nottingham meet up tonight and they said there is another build due soon.


how long did it take people from doing the survey on the email invitation for the CA to getting the TestFlight link? I got the email yesterday afternoon and did it straight away but so far haven’t received anything and want it before the weekend!

There was a new TestFlight release on Wednesday,

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I didn’t get a notification, but updated yesterday after seeing this thread

Yeah I filled in the survey after watching the video first thing yesterday morning too. It’s been more than 24 hours and I’ve not received a TestFlight link/email. I’ve checked my Spam folder too.
@tristan do you know what’s happening with the emails?

This may be obvious but it is Saturday so does the 24hr rule still applying? I know @tristan was sending the emails manually yesterday.

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I guess so. I sent the form back first thing yesterday morning (6am). I couldn’t possibly have been faster + it said within 24 hours? :thinking:

I didn’t realise it was manual though. I guess if there was tonnes to go through it might have been why. I wouldn’t imagine them sending more than they can handle out and quote 24 hours though right?

It should say 1 business day — I’ll check over and change anywhere it doesn’t! You should now have all received it if you were expecting it


@tristan - I still haven’t received the email. Could you try resending mine?

@danbeddows: You’re definitely on the list — can you check your junk folders? If not, drop me an email to tristan@monzo.com with another email address we can try :slight_smile:

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from our fun on Friday, I definitely know that you need about 1400 attempts and 300 email addresses. TestFlight doesn’t seem to want to play ball for you guys at the moment.

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I just checked my junk E-Mail and I don’t have any TestFlight invites yet either :eyes:

I’ve hopefully made progress with Testflight this morning :crossed_fingers:


Are we all getting shiny new TestFlight updates with lots of new CA features? :slight_smile: