(Nick) #1

Out of interest, how often do the TestFlight versions get updated and do I need to do anything to receive those updates? Is it a matter of just dipping in and out of the app to see when an update is available?


(Sy) #2

I have an iPhone and every time I turn it on in the morning notifications pop up if there are any updates of the programs I have in TestFlight

(Nick) #3

Oh OK thanks - maybe I’ll see a notification then with any updates.


Yeah you should get a notifications and an email usually from TestFlight for any updates.

(Damian) #5

Yup, had a notification and email tonight about CA app v2.0.0 (320)

(Dafydd Thomas) #6

Any idea how often it will be updated? Is it when things are ready or some kind of rolling 2 week sprint?

(Colin Robinson) #7

Just been to the Nottingham meet up tonight and they said there is another build due soon.

(James Shrager) #8

how long did it take people from doing the survey on the email invitation for the CA to getting the TestFlight link? I got the email yesterday afternoon and did it straight away but so far haven’t received anything and want it before the weekend!

(Nick) #9

There was a new TestFlight release on Wednesday,


I didn’t get a notification, but updated yesterday after seeing this thread

(Dan) #11

Yeah I filled in the survey after watching the video first thing yesterday morning too. It’s been more than 24 hours and I’ve not received a TestFlight link/email. I’ve checked my Spam folder too.
@tristan do you know what’s happening with the emails?

(MikeF) #12

This may be obvious but it is Saturday so does the 24hr rule still applying? I know @tristan was sending the emails manually yesterday.

(Dan) #13

I guess so. I sent the form back first thing yesterday morning (6am). I couldn’t possibly have been faster + it said within 24 hours? :thinking:

I didn’t realise it was manual though. I guess if there was tonnes to go through it might have been why. I wouldn’t imagine them sending more than they can handle out and quote 24 hours though right?

(Tristan Thomas) #14

It should say 1 business day — I’ll check over and change anywhere it doesn’t! You should now have all received it if you were expecting it

(Dan) #15

@tristan - I still haven’t received the email. Could you try resending mine?

(Tristan Thomas) #16

@danbeddows: You’re definitely on the list — can you check your junk folders? If not, drop me an email to tristan@monzo.com with another email address we can try :slight_smile:

(Daryl) #17

from our fun on Friday, I definitely know that you need about 1400 attempts and 300 email addresses. TestFlight doesn’t seem to want to play ball for you guys at the moment.

(Danny) #18

I just checked my junk E-Mail and I don’t have any TestFlight invites yet either :eyes:

(Tristan Thomas) #19

I’ve hopefully made progress with Testflight this morning :crossed_fingers:

(Nick) #20

Are we all getting shiny new TestFlight updates with lots of new CA features? :slight_smile: