Haven't received Test Flight email

(Chris Hellaby) #1

Hi all,

On the 19th i received the Monzo Current Account invitation which i replied to but I’ve yet to receive my email from Test Flight.

I checked the forums and and saw that an issue was the Apple ID email address and the Monzo email address being different so i changed these to match and went through the invite procedure again.

Is anyone else having these problems?


Might seem obvious but have you checked your spam/junk folders?

Mine ended up in there.

(Bob) #3

My Apple ID email address is totally different to my Monzo email address. No problems here :thinking:

(Chris Hellaby) #4

No, not in my Junk/spam folders.

Is there normally a wait for the email to come through?

(Bob) #5

No wait for me. I was all done within 30 minutes of opening my invite email.

(MikeF) #6

Given that they’re sent manually, it will be simplest to wait until Monday when @tristan will be able to respond to this thread.

(Neil Delahay) #7

Same here. Responded last Tuesday but have yet to receive the Test flight email?

(Chris Hellaby) #8

Hi @tristan

Have the emails from Test flight gone out for the sign ups from around the 19th?


I started the process today but haven’t received an e-mail yet. The instructions make it all seem fairly automatic - wasn’t aware there was a manual step in the process.

(Tristan Thomas) #10

We’re getting as many people into Testflight as possible but we’re hitting up against the 10k limit so it’s proving more difficult than we hoped. Another batch going out tonight/tomorrow morning and then will update everyone by email and here if we still don’t have space!

(Chris Hellaby) #11

Hi Tristan,

Okay understood.

Thanks for looking into it.

(Chris Hellaby) #12

@Neilied have you received your test flight email yet?

(Neil Delahay) #13

Hi Chris

Yep email received. Took a few attempts to get through to App Store not sure if ios11 has anything to do with that. But app downloaded signup complete and card arrived :hugs::hugs:

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #14

Hi @tristan, have you reached the limit now? I signed up on Monday (it was a bit of a wait from when I originally got the “please try out the CA” email, back on 19th Sept!!), just wondering if I’ve missed the boat or not??


(Jolin) #15

Monzo’s TestFlight spots have maxed out (at 10k), so unfortunately you’ll have to wait for the preview CA to be more generally available. The good news is that it sounds like this will be very :soon:.

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #16


Well, that’ll teach me to leave things in my “must get round to doing this soon” pile, won’t it!! :joy::joy:

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