App no longer available in TestFlight

When I try to click the original TestFlight invite email from September I get

The invitation has been revoked or is invalid. Please request a new invite from the developer.

I just uninstalled the app because it was crashing immediately every time I opened it. Now I have no way of re-installing it. How do I get a new invite? I use a different email for Monzo versus my apple ID if that matters.

Are you talking about the preview current account app (white icon) ? If so you should be able to use the normal prepaid app to upgrade to the “full” current account which doesn’t require a separate app anymore. This will also merge your prepaid transaction history and balance (if any). :+1:

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The app expired a few weeks ago when the Preview was closed down. That’s why it doesn’t work any more.

The ‘prepaid’ app account upgrade is a must!


OK, looks like it’s done now. Guess I can throw away the old card then. Thanks.

TestFlight builds expire after a period of time. We sent everyone that still uses the TestFlight CA a new invite in November, but we recommend you use the main Monzo app and upgrade your account to access all the new shiny stuff on Monzo :sparkles:

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Hi I’m on the CA blue TestFlight app. Iv noticed there was an app updat in the App Store but not on the TestFlight app? Should it not have been done on the TestFlight app first? Cheers for the info