Monzo 2.8.0 (iOS Testflight)

Just had the usual email and notification to download 2.8.0, but can’t actually download it as it throws up an error. Does anyone else have the same problem or has this build been pulled by Monzo? :iphone::monzo:

Been pulled, will be back later with new release notes


Thought that might be the case. Thanks @rat_au_van :grinning:

I was coming to say I had email but couldn’t download.

I managed to download and upgrade with no issues. No release notes though

Only been pulled in the last hour or 2 I think

Updated notes now out again, some good fixes!



Comprehensive release notes, the way it should be :blush:


Comprehensive release notes :heart_eyes:


Able to download now thanks.

I presume the TestFlight’s are only available to specific users?

They are indeed

How does one get on the TestFlight group?

I had access to it I believe when investors got early access to the CA but can you be a tester now?

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You can. You essentially get the app update a few days before it goes live in the App Store. Most features are hidden behind feature flags anyway so we don’t see them until it’s ready to go for everyone :grin:.

I think if you drop in app support a message they can add you if there is space.

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10,000 testers on a TestFlight app if they are monintoring usage then hopefully there’s space. With the weekly releases there’s less point but I’d still like on!

I was added last week so I believe there is room

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The networking refactor is something I’ve been waiting for a long time. Installing this now! :heart_eyes:

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