Switch to Monzo with the Current Account Switch Service!

I don’t know what bank you’re transferring from, but with Natwest, I believe ATM withdrawals were max of £250 a day for me, while Monzo is £400. So it might not be 5 days, but that’s the limit. A way around it would be to have a dummy account at a high street bank to send money to to withdraw from a physical branch. The limit doesn’t apply over the counter.

Edit: View the limits by going to the “settings” icon under the card in the “Account” tab, and then tap “Spending Limits”. Might be a little different on Android.

That’s what I was trying to avoid having multiple cards and accounts that I need to keep track of. As I mention, is not a big deal…maybe once a year I need to take out £3k+ in cash. I just hate having cash but sometimes I have to…

It depends on your account. I had an account at RBS (which apart from the Logo was the same as NatWest) and while some colleagues had £250 a day limit mine was £750, so I assume different limits depending on the account holder.

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I think it can be custom. I have a colleague at my school who used to work at Natwest until last summer (redundancy). She switched from a staff account to a normal account but has a £1,000 or 2,000 limit for ATM withdrawals as she asked a former colleague to up it before she left.

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Here come my DD’s

Full Monzo by next week :raised_hands:

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That’s a lot of credit cards :face_with_monocle:

Two I don’t use - but keep them open?
One for work expenses mainly
One I used to get for rewards but pay off each month


Why? Is it not normal to have 4 credit cards? :thinking:

I have no idea. Seems a lot to me. Was just curious how other people run their finances.
That would be too much decision making for me every time I wanted to pay for something



Just joking - I have four credit and a million debit cards, and I have no idea why - I guess I’m a hoarder :wink:

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Sorry to bring this topic back up, but I have some refunds from my ex-energy provider (Iresa), the switch away from them has been pending for over a month. The refunds will apparently be sent via direct debit according to the email I got. I cancelled the direct debit in my Monzo app after I finished switching as I no longer needed to send money to said ex energy provider (they’d been overcharging me for a while). I thought refunds didn’t go through direct debits, so I don’t know how this will work…


EDIT: Oh, and the switch guarantee doesn’t mention refunds or payments to the old account, only payments.

My guess: When they say “refund via DD” they mean that they refund to the account that they have collected the DD from in the past. (That’s also what the screenshot says, if you ignore the DD logo at the top.)

What happens now, depends:

  • If you used a full switch to switch to Monzo and close your NatWest account the refund should be redirected and hit your Monzo account a day or two after it would’ve otherwise hit NatWest.
  • If you did a partial switch (and closed your NatWest manually afterwards): Contact Iresa now to let them have your new details.

For full details, see here:


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That is my interpretation too

So, seems like they just had my bank details on file, as the refunds all just came through into my Monzo account. I did a full switch, so i guess everything just redirected. Panic over! :relieved:


I’ve got a couple of questions that don’t directly relate to Monzo.

  1. We’ve just switched our joint account from one bank to another using the CASS and I have a standing order from Monzo into that account. The first payment has just gone in post switch, but in the standing orders section on Monzo the bank details haven’t changed. Will they?

  2. Our Netflix subscription goes from a card on our old account, will it automatically transfer across or do I need to update that?

I used this CASS run as a trial for when I switch to Monzo next month :grinning:

Payments are redirected for around 3 years but I believe you’ll have to eventually update the details yes.

You will need to update the card subscription yourself


  1. No. But they’ll be redirected for a while. Best to manually update them in app.
  2. Again no, and it won’t be redirected either. You must update your card details with Netflix (and Amazon, and Apple, and Google, and a trillion other companies :tired_face:)

edit: looks like I’m beaten to the punch. Not once, but twice …

Cheers all :raised_hands:

I’ll wait for all the emails telling me to update my payment details in that case :pensive:

When the joint accounts go live, is the switch service going to allow me to switch our existing joint account over to a new Monzo joint account?