We’re turning off partial current account switches from today

Hey everyone, a quick update about the Current Account Switch Service (CASS).

After offering CASS for just over 6 months, we’ve decided to stop offering partial switches for now, and only offer the Full Switch

(A partial switch lets people move some of their Direct Debits and Standing Orders, without moving any money, or closing their old bank account)

We found that many partial switches resulted in quite a few issues for customers, with Direct Debits and other scheduled payments getting duplicated, cancelled, and in general creating more work for people than if they were to manually move their payments themselves. Most of these issues were out of our control, and aren’t something we have the ability to improve ourselves.

Full switches have proven to be much more reliable, as they are more consistently implemented across UK banks, and are protected by the CASS guarantee.

For the last few weeks we ran an experiment to see if there were any negative effects in us only offering full switches. Overall we saw a reduction in CASS-related issues raised via support, and a small increase in full switches. So for now we’re going to disable partial switches for everyone.

We’ll revisit this in the future, but for now we want to make sure those switching to Monzo have a predictable and reliable experience.

UPDATE: To clarify, it’s still possible to do a partial switch away from Monzo to another bank, just not form other banks into Monzo.



Sounds sensible and to be honest I thought they had already been turned off until I was answering a question yesterday :hushed:


Makes sense (and I thought they were already off).

I didn’t want to close my old account down, so I switched manually (15+ Direct Debits didn’t take that long at all - Nationwide were the worst :joy:)

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I found partial switches useful when I moved my direct debits across as I didn’t want to close my old account. One of my direct debits with HSBC I last tried to change manually was a night mare with 2 paper DDs submitted as it couldn’t be done over the phone or online.


Same here I only did a partial switch as I wanted to keep somewhere to deposit cash. Once this ability comes along I’ll likely close my old account.

If it causes more problems than good I agree it’s fine for it to go, hopefully it doesn’t deter people going full Monzo in anyway.

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I remember when I did my partial switch back in Jan, none of my weekly SO couldn’t be switched over only the two that I have for monthly and DD was switched over with no problems, so I had to do the weekly ones manually which was a pain

More flexibility is coming to Monzo regarding this so hold tight!

My weekly standing order switched fine back in May

Can we ‘full switch’ without closing the old account? Or does this have to be part of the process?

Closure is the final part of a full switch. It’s not optional.


This is a shame, Its definitely an advantage to keep your old account open even if its just for depositing cash.


It’s a shame for me. I’d just decided to make the switch but I don’t want my old account shut down yet.


I’ll repeat what I put in the other topic about this:


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I completely agree, it’s not the end of the world. Some of my DD’s are a pain in the arse to change (Barclays partner finance and Ikano) but overall I’ll get it done.

Just registering my feedback, that’s all


Yeah it would have been nice for it to be done automatically. Good luck! Once you start I’m sure you’ll power through them in no time :muscle:

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This is disappointing (as I think I’ve said elsewhere). This will make it harder for me to bring across my remaining direct debits to Monzo as I need to keep the other current account open as it is inextricably linked to savings accounts that require it to exist in its current form.


I had no idea a partial switch was A Thing You Could do, and had been holding off performing the switch from First Direct so I could hang onto the account (and associated credit card). Guess I’m back to holding off on manually moving DDs.

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Partial switches are a bit pointless but starling still does them and some people don’t want the full switch so they have that option.

One small thing to clarify, it’s still possible to do a partial switch away from Monzo to another bank, just not from other banks into Monzo.


Good decision - I had no end of pain doing a partial switch.

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