Switch to Monzo and Help us Test the Current Account Switch Service

I would imagine as they have moved over, they would be deleted from your old bank. May be worth waiting a week or so before you start the full switch however.


I’ve now made my first payments by DD, and you do get the full details in the home feed. Still nothing more than the option to delete in the Payments tab though. Trying to think what else we could need? Have to say it is SUPER COOL to see DDs going out in real time. HSBC used to send me a text on a Monday morning to tell me that I’d been overdrawn for the last week…

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Quick Q … I’ve got a couple of legacy bank accounts with odd direct debits connected - will it be possible to run the CASS multiple times (ad hoc) to bring those over to Monzo and close the old?



You can even switch from multiple accounts at the same time:

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I can vouch for that as I have two switches running side by side at the mo. They’re not very easy to keep a track of in your feed though. Might be helpful if the notification had the name of ye olde bank that the switch is coming from.



Quite excited about my full switch and the prospect of not having to remember a ton of security details. Digital secure key, non-digital secure key, telephone code, memorable answer, memorable word, memorable place, argh.

I’ve still got the old feed entry saying “We’re waiting to hear from your old bank” from a few days ago even though there’s a more recent “Your switch will finish on 20 Apr”.

Good that the old feed entry is still there so you can see when it all kicked off, but could the status be changed to “We heard back from your old bank” instead and maybe popup the more recent “We’re on it” message for both when clicked?

Was a bit confusing for a second wondering which feed entry was right…

I’ve just completed the switch but it hasn’t gone particularly smoothly. I wasn’t given a switch date or any choice of a switch date, but I did get a message on my Monzo feed after just four days saying the switch was complete. I checked the direct debits and they were all there and they were no longer showing with my old bank. All good. So it was supposed to be “completed” three days ago, but my direct debits for yesterday never came out, and this morning I received an email from Cineworld Cinemas saying they couldn’t take my payment and that my Cineworld Unlimited card has been deactivated. A similar thing has also happened with my phone provider, O2.

That’s not good

I’m monitoring my switch DD details as my old bank still shows all DD as being in place

Will see what happens when they are due to be paid

Update: Received an email and SMS from Natwest confirming the switch will be completed by Monday (as expected) and they have confirmed that, if Monzo refuse to take on the overdraft from Natwest (which, as mentioned in this post: Switch to Monzo and Help us Test the Current Account Switch Service is what will happen) I have 10 days from when Natwest confirm what I owe them to pay them back. I get paid 3 days after the switch, so I won’t go immediately overdrawn on Monzo after the switch, haha!

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I just started my switch (partial). First screens were great - clear, to the point, and provided all the information I wanted. A few minor points:

  • Your list of payments includes a standing order to Monzo. I was tempted to click on this to see what sort of inception-like event might follow, but resisted. Perhaps don’t offer to switch payments which are to monzo into monzo - for those trying monzo out as a spending card first this might be quite common.
  • It’d be amazing if partial switching also covered payments in to the other account as well as payments out (as I understand full switching does from comments above). I wanted to switch all but leave the old account open, but wasn’t given that choice.

Otherwise, all going smoothly so far and the new payments are already set up on the Monzo side.

Just a thought. I set off a partial switch last week. Yesterday, I got the prompt of existing DD’s/Standing Orders to move from which I duly selected.

The DD I moved is now showing in my Monzo regular payments. However, I have no way of knowing for sure whether my next DD payment will go out of my old account or my Monzo account (there is also no notification in the feed that my regular payment has been successfully moved).

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Interestingly, I just had a notification in my feed saying Switch Finished. I guess the missing piece in the jigsaw is a notification saying Switching In Progress after you select the payments you want to move.

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Hey! I just used the switching service! It was so great to be able to switch some of my payments without closing my old account (I need it open for other reasons). I found the process incredibly quick and simple. I had done a switch previously from NatWest to First Direct, which went ok but required more steps and I had to call them, which wasn’t a pain but it wasn’t as convenient as the switch Monzo arranged. My only feedback would be to be able to set the payment category for each DD or SO before the first transaction happens. That’s a small detail though. Just my OCD flaring up! Hahah!

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I had a notification that a direct debit had been setup today: but the notification doesn’t show on my feed and it would have been nice to know it was setup as part of the switch (perhaps during the switch, an ‘always at the top’ feed item saying ‘Switch from [Bankname] [last four digits account name]: [Status]’ which when clicked on gives a timeline of events ‘xx: Contacted bank. xx: Received list of 3 direct debits. xx: Direct debit X transferred… xx: Completed’ etc.

[ Interesting that I haven’t had any notification from my old bank that I’m leaving them: I would expected a something ]


If you did a full switch (closing the old account in the process) Monzo should cover any charges you incur as result of the procedure not going smoothly under the current account switch guarantee.


It was a partial switch. To be honest, I’m more concerned with any potential credit report issues, such as marked late payments – something I’ve never had before in my life.

Partial switches aren’t protected so it’s a risk you take with them.

I wasn’t aware of that :confused:

It’s still worth contacting Monzo in-app. They usually try to help as much as they can and sort out any issues. No guarantees, but worth asking what they can do to help sort things out for you, especially as you’re helping them out by testing CASS for them.