Switch to Monzo and Help us Test the Current Account Switch Service

Some exciting news! You can now help us test the Current Account Switch Service, and move your payments over to Monzo without any of the admin.

We’d love your help with testing. If you’d like to try it out, you can find out more here:

And let us know you’re interested by filling in this short form:

Please share your feedback in this discussion :smiley:




Loving the look of the screenshots, looks like the usual stress free Monzo way :tada:


Didn’t fill in the form as not sure if it would go to a second page for details of any overdraft.

I’ll want to test partial switch to help Monzo so filled the form.

Looking forward to this, to finally ditching my Natwest account!

I must say, I do like how in the blog there are both Android & iOS screenshots. :clap:

Good feature & a nice step forward for Monzo!

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Looking at our roadmap for the next month or two, Android and iOS are neck and neck :slight_smile: Sometimes one will get it a week earlier, sometimes at the same time, but overall, pretty close parity :raised_hands:


Liking the bank logo (in this example Halifax) in the “enter your bank details” screenshot to validate you’ve put in the right sort code :+1:

Would be great if this could make its way to standard payment screen :slight_smile:


No overdraft questions.

Knock yourself out.


Just filled out. Will have an account I’d like to close and move the funds over from in the next week or so.

Potentially may do a partial switch from Lloyds also

Just a question. It states that if you move all your existing payments over the old account will close.

Is it possible to do a partial switch where you move all the payments but keep the old account open? In my case, I’ve got one existing Direct Debit which I’ve had trouble moving from my old account. I’d like to use the partial switch to move it across but keep the old account open as a backup account.


Just curious to know, are Monzo testing switching from Monzo to other banks as well?

Edit: Just to make it clear, I am not planning to do switch away just wanted to check if this is in works.


Yes Parcial switches are accepted.

If you fill out the form to test it asks what type of switch you’d be doing.

Yep :smiley: Dunno why people would want to move away from Monzo though :smirk:Haha!


:slight_smile: Yes you can switch both to and from Monzo

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I filled in the form to join the testing for a full switch, but I just realised I’d lose my overdraft if I switched (I haven’t had the option to get one on Monzo yet). Guess I’ll have to wait a little bit longer…


You could do a partial switch unless your main bank had in their t&c’s that you’d lose that facility if you did so


Doing a partial switch would cause some headaches in balancing between the two accounts, making sure the Monzo account has enough to honour all payments going out and/or sending money to the Natwest account to cover the overdraft at pay day, etc. In a couple of months, I estimate I’ll be in a position to not have to rely on an overdraft, but until then I remain hesitant to switch.

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I’m in exactly the same boat. Still, at least we’ll be confident by then it’ll be a seemless transition :fist_right:

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I told you we wouldn’t miss Q1 by very much! :grin::grin::grin::joy:


Signed up and fingers crossed I’ll get everything swapped over ASAP!