The Seven-Day Switch! Here’s what happens on each day when you switch to Monzo

Here’s what happens when you go #FullMonzo using the Current Account Switch Service :tada:


I will most likely move over fully in the next couple of months, however I’m curious if it’s possible to use the service to move all direct debits etc etc to monzo but not have my old account closed? I assume it’s not but it would be good if possible

You’re correct I’m afraid, that’s not possible.

When I got the notifications about my DD’s being set up, I was so excited! :joy:

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There used to be a partial switch but it’s not guaranteed to work and I think caused too much hassle.

You’d do better moving them all manually, then you know they have correctly moved over to Monzo.


Out of interest what are the different types of direct debits

I was thinking maybe the ones that are set amounts and the ones where the company have the power to edit the amount each time like for an extra charge on your bill, but I’m guessing.


Yes this :point_up:

Just wondering how the balance transfer works. Is it just an underlying FPS payment or is there more behind the scenes?

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I heard it’s cheque :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I went #FullMonzo a few days ago :slight_smile: simple as anything. Just received notification of all my direct debits having transferred over. It’s even enabled me to see old DDs that aren’t in use anymore, which I was able to cancel at the tap of a button! :slight_smile: Fingers crossed my balance will move over any day now, and then I’m done.

FPS of the final balance assuming in credit

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I’m curious why there’s nothing done on day 3, are they resting or something? by doing something on day 3 the switch can be done in 6 days instead of 7…just a thought


You can do a partial switch. You can choose which DD and standing orders to be transferred over. Salary won’t be transferred over with partial switch . Cheers

Partial switching has been removed due to issues it can cause as it’s not very reliable

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I wasn’t aware of that. Cheers !

I once did a full switch from First Direct and there was 78p missing from the transfer. Neither bank could figure out where it went. I wasn’t bothered, was more curious.

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7 day switch marketing wise works better than 6 day switch prehaps…


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Bacs (the payment scheme) still supports paper Direct Debits as well as electronic Direct Debits (also knows as AUDDIS Direct Debits).


Its usually via FPS but the current account switch service also supports balance transfers using CHAPS