Switch to Monzo and Help us Test the Current Account Switch Service

@bea am I able to switch from a joint account? It’s a dormant Barclays account and no longer needed so would be a good test.

I’d happily switch my phone DD over.

For me full switching is dependant on incoming payment categorisation for bill splitting accuracy on Spending, and outgoing payments to be able to be marked as transfers to my own account, for the same reason.

I could be wrong. But Im sure I’ve heard you can’t switch joint accounts. I might be wrong…

But looking on switch website it says you can. What do I know …

You can switch joint accounts but only to joint accounts.

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Where did you see that? Can Monzo please confirm this? I couldn’t see any reference to this on the CAS website. The only point it makes about joint accounts is permission from both parties.

I would like to partial switch over from my joint Barclays to my Monzo.

A friend trying switching to another bank not Monzo and was told they could not switch a joint account into a sole account “due to the way the scheme works” so they resorted to doing it manually, but I am not sure which bank told them that.


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I had also seen people comment about this on the Starling community too.

Guess I will just need to close it. I tried closing a joint TSB account for months. Online it was showing and open but in the branch they could not find it.

Turns out after the split from Lloyd’s I had two profiles and they were always looking at the one without accounts. :man_facepalming:t2:


Has anyone had an email yet?

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Yes, from a Nigerian who says I will get millions if I give him my bank details!


Oh have I responded to the wrong one ? :joy::smirk:


I switched yesterday. Very easy :+1:


Someone said earlier somewhere their switch had started

Sorry for being so specific

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Just for clarification; you can’t switch from a joint account into a sole account. This applies to both full and partial switches.


Beautifully simple so far.

Agree about adding the bank information to the feed item, i.e. “we’re waiting to hear from First Direct”. For a partial switch “your old bank” is really your “other” bank anyhow. Also helpful for differentiating if you initiate multiple switches.

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Well, I got approved to have an overdraft on Monzo this morning. It’s a lower limit than my Natwest one, but I’ve never really used more than the lower limit anyway. Now to wait on the CASS testing…

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Probably a silly question, but does CASS transfer payments into an account (standing orders in), or is it just direct debits and standing orders going out of an account? I suspect the latter, but just wondered if anyone knows.

All incoming and outgoing payments