Current Account - Partial Switch

(Oliver strong) #1

Today was the day I decided to switch my direct debits over to Monzo and take another step towards a complete switch over.

Within a couple of hours Monzo had responded and provided a list of Direct Debits to select to transfer over. Once completed I feel a prompt from Monzo to automatically setup a standing order to cover those Direct Debits would be of benefit.

With all the talk about going that extra mile for the customer this would go towards making sure people pay the direct debits and don’t incur charges.

Discuss Monzonauts…

(James Smith) #2

Why would you need a standing order? Who will you be paying from your Monzo account?


I imagine the thinking is that if you’ve moved the debits over then you know you need money to cover it.

And the people who get their wages paid in don’t need to set up a standing order to cover them

Be careful with the partial switch, it tells the companies to change your details and cancel with your old bank, but there is no redirect if they don’t bother changing the details on their systems

(Oliver strong) #4

Slightly different way, Monzo could prompt to set up a direct debit to take the money from your old account to your monzo account to cover the payments?

(Peter G) #5

I’m sure they could, but to play “bad Monzo*”, why would they when they’d probably prefer you to just go #fullMonzo :rocket:**?

*there is not really such a thing as a bad Monzo
**:rocket: emoji mandatory following #fullMonzo