Monzo Monthly Update: April

I believe this is certain android versions (for security reasons), but should be in your settings as below. :blush:

Love the coin jar round up, I assume statements will show the real values and transfers (like our current spending screen).

I love the look of the new spending tab, really excited for this.

Hope that helps


Absolutely, your transaction will look like this:


We will also make clear the specific transaction amounts in the notification you receive


So how does one get onto the staff TestFlight version :thinking:


Be staff? :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


Waiting for the Northern office :blush:


The thread for CASS feedback was actually created 9 days ago, so it was still in March :smile:

Created in a Monzo staff area & then moved over. Take a look at the blog post time.

Agree that having the real transaction amount + coin jar badge + greyed out amount for coin jar under the same transaction should be the way to go.

Don’t like the rounded up total in the feed.

Also looking forward to revamp of spending, I currently haven’t changed all my direct debits and salary payments across to Monzo but will do once this is implemented.


Personally I really do like the rounded up total. Keeps the transactions really tidy. And then if ever we get pot transaction lists this would be the reverse (change on the list and the transaction it’s from in the detail).

As long as the statement is still itemised I see no issues.

What I would still REALLY like to see is the days balance on the date lines. The pulse info just does not cover this well enough yet. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I also would like the feed to show the total. For me the feed wouldn’t make sense if there was money dissappeared from my account that isn’t shown there

I’m really excited about Monzo getting the go-ahead within Ireland. Are there any timelines for the launch available?


Would be really handy for all those that live on one side of the border but work on the other if they could integrate them


Coin Jar

I would prefer to see the actual amount of a transaction with a single coin jar transfer entry for each day. If you are doing an expenses claim this would be easier to work with. Since views on this are split is it feasible to offer a choice for this facility, ie show (a) rolled into the transaction or (b) show as a one off daily summary?


Did I understand this to mean we’ll be able to exclude certain payments from the monthly total spend?

understand how you’re spending if you’re getting your salary paid straight in and paying bills, rent or mortgages out of your Monzo account.

Yes, there’ll be a toggle tab to include/exclude transactions. Can’t wait for the update!


I agree the new coin jar tidy-up maybe isn’t the best solution to a cluttered transaction listing.

If I spend £x.xx with a merchant then that is what should be shown.

I’d prefer the coin jar sweep had been an end-of-day process which went through each transaction and worked-out the total amount of money to sweep into the coin jar and then just have 1 coin jar transaction in my transaction list per day.

I’m going to have to disagree, I’m afraid! By all means improve the presentation in the feed - but the immediate transfer to a pot is the killer function here, at least for me. No daily batch transfers, please!


Yep some more details and screenshots at 10 mins in this vid!


Dam, I got all excited then at seeing a real-life demo of where your at :stuck_out_tongue:

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Any chance of weekly targets in the future? This would be a huge help as a freelancer, managing money on more erratic pay schedules.