Switch energy accounts

So this is live in my feed. Switch through Octopus for £50 cashback.

Is there a way to edit the quote details to my actual usage rather than deemed usage?


Not currently I’m afraid :frowning:, unless you go to octopus directly.

Nice to see this is rolling out! :tada:

I had access to it the other day:

But I didn’t get to see the intro screens :eyes: They look awesome :hot_coral_heart:

I’ve been keeping an eye out for something in my feed but it would seem I’m not a part of the rollout just yet :wink:

Exciting stuff :boom:


Interesting. I switched this week, from Flow to Tonik as it happens, but Octopus was on the shortlist.

I would’ve gone and compared my actual usage, and switched via Monzo it it had been worth it.

Have geographical exclusions been put in place to stop customers in areas octopus don’t supply getting the in app prompt?


I’m ready to switch and have the entry in my Personal Account feed. Going through the process results in what appears to be a set-up from my Personal Account. I don’t want this - I want it to be set this up using my (and Mrs W’s) Joint Account.

Time for an in-app chat…

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Now that was quick. In-app chat resulted in access to the offer via Joint Account. Outstanding.


That octopus fellow is adorable.


Just switched. Painless experience. Let’s see how it goes in the immediate future :crossed_fingers:


I hate Ads in apps.
Monzo plus - nothing for £11
Now Ads…

I will close my account soon.
Octopus is so annoying company… they knocked on my door 2 times last week
I’m happy with Bulb


@anon98360489 not sure I consider this an advert. It is a feed item. I really like these and am excited by future opportunities.

But sounds like Monzo probably isn’t for you as I’d expect more of this.


I like Monzo…all my income is with Monzo.
But it looks like Monzo just looking for any type of income… in rush


The context and wording mean a lot. If this just pop’d up randomly I can see why it may be viewed as an advert (although I personally don’t have an issue, I’m excited to see how this progresses).
If it appeared after a recent energy direct debit and was worded along the lines of “We may be able to cut that recent energy bill of yours!” it may feel more like Monzo were trying to help?

I suppose to me it would only become an issue if Monzo started spamming the feed, but I don’t see that happening.


Either way you look at notifications appearing in your feed, regardless of context or wording, it has to be considered as advertisting. A product is being directly targeted at you.

I feel it would really irritate me if I kept getting notifications of alternative offers for various services after I had spent my money.


I’m very :pensive:
Competition for my referrals

Referrals have paid almost a quarter of my bill this year!


It wouldnt even know if you were dual fuel let alone what tariff you’re on. It’s just an advert.
And during the process is it one of those stupid comparisons where it partially uses your current providers SVR tariff rather then give a true current tariff v new tariff just to make it look cheaper? I mean some tariffs have exit fees higher then the cash back.

Out of all the places to try and generate revenue why they have they gone after energy?! The sector has been rapped for mis selling, pressure selling, misleading, had to have a price cap introduced. It’s now rife with bate and switch deals which again pray on inertia and in the last few months there’s been quite a few fold.

And how pointless is it been told we might be able to save you money when it equally might not.
Why use this over uSwitch, supermarket, meerkat, gc, mse etc etc etc

What’s going in the feed next? Accident management companies? PPI info? Hamster food savings?

Seriously though, where do monzo draw a line?


This is a spam… real spam. Monzo can sell own services in that way - that’s fine, but not third party…
Looks like someone’s post in forum - “get £50 by switching to Octopus”


I’d be interested to know if this item only appears for those who have the marketing option switched on in the app settings.


Good point I imagine for those that don’t it would eventually sit in a storefront for a marketplace maybe :man_shrugging:t3:

This would be fine. I don’t see the harm in having a marketplace where you search and seek out offers but notifications about offers is intrusive.

As mentioned above, I wonder if they come up if you have the toggle turned off for marketing. Over Xmas I turned it off as I was annoyed by the constant offer of referring my friend to Monzo. I do hope this covers any other offers as well.