Energy Switching 💡

It can be a real hassle to be sure that you’re always on a fair deal, so what if we could do that for you? Most people could save money on their energy and mobile phone bills, and it’d be much easier to manage this in one place.


We’ve now started testing energy switching with Octopus Energy. Read more about that here:]

And stay tuned for more updates! :slight_smile:


Already switched in-app - seamless process - now using Octopus and potentially saving quite a chunk of money too.


I’m currently using flipper (for the last 3 years)

If you can match this I’m interested:

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How do I switch? I’d like to

@LANZIFIREFLY from the link in the original post:
The data and feedback we get from this test will inform how we improve this feature and how we bring it to everyone.

Looks like it’s not ready for everyone just yet?

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Got my switch reward for this today. Thank you! :blush: :+1:


And then in app I got the following :sunglasses:


What are you spending your referral money on that I’ve earned you Monzo? :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:


So who’s going to take part in every reward based switch possible and keep track of the total amount that was possible to be earned with Monzo?

We need a scientist.

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I’ve just rechecked my energy useage via MSE Energy Club to see how much I could save with Octopus only to find switching to them would cost me £123 a year more than I’m paying now based on my historical annual useage supplying monthly meter readings. :slightly_frowning_face:

I do like Monzo’s concept of this, it’s just a shame that it wouldn’t be financially viable for me to be part of, plus of course I’m not a Monzo customer…yet.


I got the same ‘Switch complete’ feed item;

If things go to plan, which is rare with fluctuating energy use and rates, this switch could save me £600+ per year. Let’s see!

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Wow. Have you not switched in years? (and is that figure based on proper energy usage numbers rather than an off-the-cuff internet estimate based on number of rooms?)

Rather than switch - which in hindsight would have been the best & easiest option - I constantly battled with the ex-provider who insisted I was using more energy than I was. With a Nest controlling the heating and a smart meter (which didn’t provide data to the provider for 6 months, very suspicious) I could calculate exactly what I was using. I manually checked the smart meter each day and ran a sheet showing the actual usage inc VAT. But yet the provider breakdown was always more. In 3 month cycles, I could get them to reduce to a realistic level, then they would bump it up each month - repeat ad nauseam…

I’d been very close to switching using the MSE/iChooser service and then Monzo flashed up the Octopus deal. Switched immediately.

My only annoyance with this, is that it asks for the size of your house, but I live in a 3 bedroom house, and it’s just me. And the heating is set to 19 degrees. So my usage tends to be lower than an average 3 bed house. :frowning:

It’d be nice to be able to input my own previous usage information.

I believe that has now been addressed in the next version. I’ll have a look later to see if I can find the quote from the Monzo person :slight_smile:

It’s just popped up in my feed, and didn’t have that version! :frowning:

Obviously not applicable to me as I see your response was to davidwalton, but a relative of mine until last year had not switched energy provider in years, and I do mean years. His problem is, he quite literally has too much money and isn’t bothered, but I did manage to get hime to sit down, be honest and show me his energy bills. I fed it all into MSE and showed him he was able to save over £500 for just a few minutes work switching. He switched and is saving, but if I’m honest, he’s still not that bothered.

I’m not sure I’d ever have enough money that I didn’t care to pay less for something!


I’m with you, however I’ve met several people considerably wealthier than myself who just don’t bother themselves with the day to day humdrum a mere mortal like me takes for granted and energy switching just isn’t at the top of their list!

A better partnership would be with utility Warehouse. FTSE 250 business, trading as Telecom Plus PLC. Monzo integration with more than just energy: Cashback card, mobile, landline, broadband energy, boiler cover, home insurance + many more services in the pipeline plus free led light bulbs with lifetime guarantee. Customers are able to make huge savings as the company doesn’t do expensive advertising and relies totally on word of mouth referral.

It would be a strategic partnership with an ethical company with shared values of saving customers money, help with budgeting and simplicity.

I love being a customer of both and think integration of both would be simply incredible.

I wouldn’t touch Utility Warehouse with a barge pole.
Over the course of my employment at a certain company I used to get calls daily from elderly customers who had been switched over to Utility Warehouse business lines (why not residential lines I don’t know - and neither did they) and had really poor experiences, then couldn’t switch to any other provider as no residential provider could take over the line anymore. Most of them has absolutely no idea how they ended up being switched over to them in the first place.


I just ran a broadband comparison through and they reckon I could get ultrafast fibre for £25 a month. It’s an outright lie.

There’s one fibre provider here only. No BT, they can’t do nothing, I doubt their credibility.