Monzo Instagram ad

On Instagram there is an ad from Monzo offering you £75 when you switch energy providers when you swipe up and it would take you to the app where it’s offering you £50 to switch this needs addressing

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Are you sure it doesn’t say “up to £75”?

With account referrals some get varying amounts :slight_smile:

For me it says £50 on the CTA then £75 on the marketing screens but I only ever get offered £40. All in all very confusing!

on the app it says up to £50 with OVO, octopus is up to £40

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This is what I can see this now:

£50 on the CTA

£75 on the marketing screen after clicking the above CTA

Ok even if it says up to £75 off why does it Say up to £50 off in the app two different figures not the same that’s my problem wrongly advertising

I didn’t create the ads! :sweat_smile:


The £75 must be a new offer, haven’t seen it before


I know it’s on Instagram ads but if you’re offering up to £75 But only up to £50 on the Monzo app it needs sorting out

Saw the same advert. Mine said ‘up to £75’, and so does my app.

ohhhhhh, OVO has now raised their price from £50 included credit to up to £75, just went in the app past the home info screen. This is new cause I started my energy switch (went with octopus because they support my existing smart meter) and then it was up to £50 for OVO. :open_mouth:

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Hi there, thanks for flagging this!

I’ll take a look at what’s happened and get back to you.

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Got an answer!

The offer from Ovo will get you £75. And we just need to update our copy to match the new amount.