You can now switch energy supplier through Monzo!

We’ve started rolling out the option to switch to Octopus Energy or OVO Energy through the app!


Why do screenshots of the app vary so much in each article?

Do the editors have to get the most recent versions or something? The one in this article shows the pulse graph and the new notification centre?


I’m already with Octopus Energy. Can you look at integrating with Pure Planet?


Any options planned for Northern Irish customers?


I am with Pure Planet, it would be great to see them integrated with this feature. Also, any reason on why Bulb is not included too?


Probably because they didnt agree on a referral fee?

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“£XX credit included in the yearly price” yeah maybe don’t do that. You should show what is actually going to be charged, and then say “you also get £XX cashback”.


This is important to be able to really assess which is the best overall plan for you I think, so I agree.

But good job so far. It’s a shame pre-pay isn’t on it as this is something I can’t change but when/if you can I would be interested in it. Currently fairly sure I’m overpaying.


I agree with this. Just to make it absolutely clear what the energy costs are for those who will use other price comparison sites. Transparency and all that.


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Already with OVO so a while before I can test this feature.

Good to see it extending to more than one supplier though :+1:

I’ve just switched to bulb. I’m signed up with Money saving Expert energy club. Would be great if Monzo offered something similar. I think you’ve explained that you plan on it working the same way in the future.

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Can any monzo staff offer insight into why they stopped offering bulb energy?


I’m with Bulb Energy and I think they are great, so I too would be interested to find out what happened between Monzo and Bulb ?


I am too. They’re great. Monzo is great. Very interested to know what happened

I understand that following an application Monzo may/will keep an eye on whether it could be cheaper… But does that make the possibility of a new application gone until that point? What if I have more than one property and want to manage the suppliers for all of them through Monzo? Is this all possible?

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Curious on this too, to me they looked really close with testing this feature and then switched all of the sudden to Octopus. Something must have happened.

Curious what happened with Bulb

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Me too - I signed up with them through Monzo’s marketplace beta and have been really impressed with them. They’re also cheaper than OVO and Octopus quotes that I get.

The filament broke.