Monzo Energy Switch Issue

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Bit of a strange issue here with the energy switch service than Monzo offers. I am moving into a new property on the 1st of October. I processed an energy switch in advance in my Monzo app, setting up the with the provider “Octopus”. Pretty simple so far.

The Monzo app offered great things, such as automatic switching to keep the tariff prices down. Also, there was a £50 credit offering that would be applied to my first bill with Octopus!

After sending off the application to get the switch move, I had no confirmation on anything and I was beginning to wonder if it actually went through or not.I got an email from Octopus two days later saying “Thanks for switching with the Monzo switching service” which was a nice touch, confirming that it was received properly and recognised through Monzo. It would be great to have an immediate confirmation.

Now to the issue - I then got another email from them saying that they couldn’t find my gas meter - and if I processed it through Octopus directly, I wouldn’t have had this issue as you can select where the gas meter is located. So this is something that the Monzo app is essentially missing. Then, after chatting to them, giving them the barcode on the gas meter, they said that I wasn’t eligible for the £50 credit. Not due to the fact that I was with them in the past, which I have never been, but because the previous tenant had octopus! This is probably more of an Octopus issue, but this might be an important thing to mention in the Monzo app when signing up to avoid time being wasted, stress and disappointment.

It’s a bit like you signing up to a new-customer offer at BT and being told you can’t get it due to the previous user at the address having BT. Very strange indeed! I have fed that bit of feedback to Octopus but I hope some of this comes in handy for Monzo to improve on too!

Feed this back through the in app chat and you’ll be put through to the customer advocacy team. See what they say.

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