Sustainably - a Save the Change Integration for Monzo

I’ve just spotted this app on Twitter called Sustainably which will

Round up your change when you shop and give it to charity.

they’re currently in beta, I’ve haven’t been able to test it yet - I’ve entered my email address on the website but not received a reply, this message is displayed -

Thanks we’ll be in touch with instructions soon

Edit - I’ve now received an email saying -

We are building the Sustainably beta as fast as we can and hope to have it ready within the next few weeks.

It looks like it could be a pretty good option for anyone who wants to donate their change to charity -


I actually met Loral from Sustainably in Edinburgh, they’re doing some great work!

They recently announced the launch of the B2C platform at Startup Grind Europe in London, and made it into their top 3 startups, out of 2,000 worldwide :tada:

From what I understand they will be releasing the active beta very soon :eyes:


Hi, it’s Loral from Sustainably here. Yes, we’re releasing the beta in the next couple of weeks. We’ll post in the community to let you know when it’s available. We’re really looking forward to sharing Sustainably with you all.



This is very interesting indeed.

Can I ask what percentage Sustainably will take?

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According to their T’s & C’s -


Use of the Service is free for individual users. However, we will take a 5% commission (“Commission”) from each Donation. For example, if you donate £10 to your chosen charity, we will take 50p commission and your charity will receive £9.50, minus payment transfer fees (currently via Stripe).

Where you are eligible and have made a gift aid declaration, we will seek to claim gift aid in respect of your Donation and pass the gift aid payment to the relevant Charities in addition to your Donation and your gross donation will be subject to 5% fee and payment transfer fees (currently via Stripe).

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Thank you @alexs - you’re just too quick.


Hi Loral, I’ve signed up for the waiting list. One thing I was wondering, is how Sustainably will get the transaction information? I was under the impression that Monzo’s API is not yet available.

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Hi, we’re getting the transaction information through the Monzo API. The Monzo API is also still in beta which means we have to manually set up users to the Sustainably application in the meantime. Hope that answers your question. Let me know. Loral


I’ve just received an email to say that the beta is now open :running_man:

You can sign up on their website.

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How legal is this? I was under the impression that you are not allowed to arbitrarily add people to the monzo API beta, and that it’s only for the use of friends or families.

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We’ve now got Sustainably, Flux & Tail running live closed betas (I know because I’m in all of them :wink:) so it looks like Monzo are giving permission to select 3rd parties to integrate with their API.

I’m quite thankful for that, given the delay that there will before the API is officially ready. It seems like it’d be a waste of time to wait until then to start testing.

Especially because there’s people trying to build businesses on the back of these integrations - both Sustainably & Flux have integrated with Monzo 1st. Or to look at that the other way, it seems very risky to start with your businesses 1st integration as Monzo if it’s unauthorised..


Also, as far as I know, the only limits on use of the API have been technical, rather than legal.

Is it possible to get confirmation on this?

Sustainably users just have to authorise us to access their Monzo data via the API.

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So there’s nothing special about you in terms of an API user? Ie: you haven’t got an agreement

As it stands right now people can start working with and developing with our API as long as they aware that there’s a low user limit, each user must be whitelisted and that it’s not yet full or final. Essentially companies can run very limited alpha tests with a small amount of users.

We’d prefer that folks be absolutely transparent about this and not indicate that any kind of integration is going to be available to all Monzo users because that’s not the case just yet.

That said - we are more than happy for folks to be playing with the API and building out their use cases for it, we just would prefer that they don’t do any targeted marketing to Monzo users outside of this forum where discussion can be had.

We are incredibly excited by the future of our partnerships and integrations and are more than happy to talk to any and all devs and companies who are interested in building stuff, but it is super early days right now!


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I can see there is a Sustainably thread here, but its so old it is closed:

Does anyone have any feedback on it?

Cool idea. ^^ I wonder how the Monzo integration works.


Thanks for linking to the old thread, I’ve opened it back up and relocated your posts to keep the chat in one place. Hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

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