Just Giving integration

(Alex Sherwood) #1

I’ve come across this blog post a few days ago from FinTech RoosterMoney whose app helps children manage their money -

It’d be great to see Just Giving set up an integration with Monzo (JG has an API too), to enable users to give money through the app more easily.

Maybe they’d be able to include a visualisation of user’s donations / the funding for the campaign that the user’s donated to most recently, in the enhanced Accounts tab too eventually?


I think it’s great idea. If this is implemented, It would also be great if all the donations made though app can be exported for annual tax purposes via Monzo app.

(Daniel Rivers - Proud Current Account Holder) #3

I would prefer Total Giving, the charity I work for uses them because Just Giving take a good % of the donation for themselves, Total Giving is free to the charity, so we get more money to spend on the projects.

Use the calculator here to see the difference it makes to the money it makes for the charity: https://www.totalgiving.co.uk/see-the-difference


Charities Aid Foundation would be my suggested partner

(Daniel Rivers - Proud Current Account Holder) #6

They have a 3.6% fee, which doesn’t help smaller organisations.

Still better than Just Giving - 5% fee on online donations, plus 2.90% transaction fee

(Alex Sherwood) #7

Thanks for the heads up, do you know whether Total Giving has an API?

(Daniel Rivers - Proud Current Account Holder) #8

I think so, but last time I looked it needed some work, I am sure they would engage if the likes of Monzo reached out.

Total giving is part of a much larger suite, all supplied free to charities.

(Tom Knevitt) #9

Maybe this could be intergrated into the new marketplace? Then you could have multiple charities in the marketplace.

(Ben Green) #10

There’s usually a fee charged by the payment provider.

I’m wondering whether Monzo could afford to subsidise the cost, either partially or completely? It all helps :wink:

(Carl Barrett) #11

Just Giving are the worst for making money. I sigh when people post links for their just giving pages when there are several other companies that give more of the donation to the charity. Not every charity is signed up to every company but it’s worth investigating.

(Hugh Wells) #12

Looks interesting - do you know what the column headers are?

(Carl Barrett) #13

Sorry, that would come in handy I suppose. :joy:


JustGiving is a sliding scale, bigger charities get a rebate each year depending on how much they raise btw.
Imo more platforms, the better though.

(Dawid) #15

What’s the link to the Wonderful platform? I’d like to poke around more to see what they make profit of… looks too good to be true!