People have same issues with Fidor as they (and N26 etc) also use IDnow.

Monese however do all their verification in house, hence winning awards.

Love it!! I’ll definetly be moving salary and what not into monzo although I’ll still keep my legacy account for the cash back (not saying no to “free” money) the ease that is shown for opening savings products is amazing! I look forward to getting the full current account and setting all this up!!

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And it’s a Current Account with an account number under the balance :slight_smile:


My thoughts:

  1. The space could be used better, fitting the Pot Title at the top and leaving the space in the middle for things like;
    -a progress bar (if applicable)
    -bespoke features (if an integration) - for instance, Nutmeg, PensionBee have charts, interest rates
  2. There should be a notable difference between a standard Monzo pot and a external integration
  3. Perhaps the pots are worthy of their own tab on the bottom, perhaps expanding into a tabular list view, and then allowing the user to click into a pot if he wants to see it in full screen, or keep the swipe option.


But so far not a bad start

Will the pots be able to take any of the “round-ups” leftovers into it automatically. So if I spent £9.78 from my current account, I would have set something up so the 22p round up automaticall goes into a “savings pot” would be a nice idea! :slightly_smiling_face:


Good question :smiley: I don’t think we know whether Monzo are planning to build rounding / automated saving functionality into the app yet :thinking: here’s the last comment from the team on the idea -


& in case you’re interested, there’s been lots more discussion about how people would use the feature here -

you might be interested in this integration (it sounds like it’s almost ready for launch) too -

Thanks @alexs will take a look at these!

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This is everything that I want from Monzo :monzo: it’s shows great integration from third party applications as well as actually helping with all types of budgeting.

The design up above is exactly what want to see as it keeps within the Monzo styles but as some others have said defiantly a few added extras such a progress/Target bars would be good to see as well :+1::smiley:


Aside from putting money aside virtually how is this managed?

Say I want to move £100 aside for direct debits to not spend it.

Come direct debit due date how does it know it’s for that purpose? Would the direct debit take the money from the ‘pot’ or the regular section of the account. Do I need to move it back or is it automated?

I keep seeing “no plans to allow second accounts”(which seems silly) and also that as a new bank you wanted to come up with new solutions and pots has been cited as a potential alternative to second accounts. Pots to a large extent answers the savings account issue but still doesn’t for me answer what a second account covers off. As in run an account for bills (send a chunk of money each month and forget it so that Dd’s and So’s come out without any risk of you spending money you’ve already accounted for, especially with the whole on or around mentality).

Savings wise and for specific goals gets a thumbs up. Still would be cautious about who gets access to what data though.


I also think a ‘pot’ should be distinguished from a savings/investment account, simply because a savings account e.g. from Masthaven or Nutmeg does more than simply ringfence money for a specific purpose, so if such is contained within a pot, it should show the relevant data, like how long the money is invested for, how much more can be paid in that year, the interest rate etc.

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This is why I’d love to see what’s behind the settings and rules buttons! That would answer a lot of questions. :grin:


I think this is great and good to see you are taking the concept seriously.

While I think the designs are fantastic I also find it confusing. Is a ‘pot’ still working under the current account details or is it actually a separate account with a unique account number?

If the same then I would prefer to have pots at a lower level or in a different view. If they have separate details completely then it makes sense having them side by side.

I personally see pots as a sub account of another. For example
Ac:12345678 (you only have 6 digits in the design?)

Based on this to the real world your balance is the aggregate of your pots. But available balance on the main account can be based on how you set up the rules.

So as far as accounts view is concerned you should be able to have 3 view:
Current Account (everything)
All Pots (how you have broken them up)
Pots linked to a specific account

As always this is jut my thoughts, everyone is different and there already likely better(and worse) ways to implement pots.


I understand what you’re saying. In my opinion progress bars are a good way to track completion of a goal, but there should be a more visually engaging way and clever way to show this. They seem a little outdated in today’s UI landscape :thinking:.

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Yeah I agree with this. Putting the cards side by side visually implies equal weighting, making them easily mistakable as secondary accounts.

It would be good to visually distinguish pots from the actual account. One way might to change the shape of a “pot” card to be a square or circle as opposed to the traditional card shape synonymous with accounts.

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:pig2: Piggy Bank :pig:


absolutely love it :heart:️ I’m always saving for several different things throughout the year, so multiple pots displayed in that style is perfect. I’m already envisioning my pots for car insurance, vacation, emergencies etc… @hugo can I assume the idea of rules would be similar to a concept of a standing order, where you can choose to set up regular deposits in to a pot? :blush:

Love the idea of Pots. Might be cool to integrate this with monzo.me too - where someone can contribute to a pot by typing in the username/potname

A nice way for someone to give a birthday gift by contributing to a savings goal for example. You get something you really want and the problem of finding a suitable gift for someone is solved. :tada:


Great idea. I think this is what mint in the US do but I’ve never fully explored it.

I have always found it a little strange that we need to open different accounts to separate money so the idea of pots makes a lot of sense. From a financial responsibility point of view it also helps to get a full picture of your balance. If you have 3 bank accounts and 5 credit cards you can fool yourself about how much you actually have (or don’t).

From a personal pont of view I have a current and savings account. I like the separation because it helps me to know how much I spend on a weekly basis. We also have a shared account which would be great but I guess that’s in the future. One thing that would be handy is after making a payment, having the ability to decide which pot the funds come from without having to separately transfer between the pots.


I think this looks really promising in terms of the underlying facility being hinted at, but I share other’s thoughts about the presentation hiding the fact that pots are not peers of the main account, and that there’s no list of all pots and their current values. Swiping through one at a time would quickly get boring!

One additional idea - it would be great to be sble to spend directly out of a pot. How about a facility in the app to quickly say "card transactions are to come out of pot “x”, with an option for it to apply to “next transaction”, “for a fixed time”, or “until further notice”. it would be great to be able to go on holiday, then switch my spending to the holiday pot.

Can’t wait to see some of this function arriving in the app!


I agree that some sort of summary view would be helpful, so you could glance down a list and see the amount in each pot and total held. Like Nationwide’s main online banking view, which lists your accounts and the amount in each, with a total at the bottom. Simple to read, and easy to glance through to see how you are doing in each pot/account.

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