Tail - cashback app for Monzo users

I’ve just come across this app -

Launching with unique food and drink experiences, Tail provides exclusive offers to try the latest and greatest London has to offer.

Built with the Monzo API, simply shop with your Monzo card to get cashback directly to your account.

Which has been built for Monzo users. It looks pretty good, considering the API isn’t properly ready for developers to use to access Monzo’s user’s accounts yet.


If you’re interested, you can now join their waiting list here -


Seems like it would be very helpful
only on iPhone?:pensive:

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Hi everyone, we thought we should post here to let you guys know what we have been working on and to get your thoughts!

The Tail app shows you cashback offers in your area which are automatically linked to your account, so all you need to do to redeem is shop at these places using your Monzo card. Your Tail cashback balance fills up with every redemption and is paid out to you on a weekly basis. As you continue to use it, we’ll learn which offers you like and the list will become more tailored. Here’s a short video of how it all looks:


We would love to know what you guys think and how we could improve the app!

If you’re interested we have a waiting list up at tail.at, but if anyone would like to get early access just email me at harley@tail.at.

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Hey Harley!

It’s great to hear from you. I shared the details of your app a little while ago so I’ve moved your post here. It looks really interesting :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing! much appreciated

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I am actually an android user myself, we are going to be rolling out an android version ASAP!


Already on the waiting list, eagerly awaiting the Android app launch. Of course if you need beta testers i know somewhere you could get some…

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This company popped up I my twitter feed https://www.tail.at/. Starling have said legitimate any comment from monzo

Hi Harley, is Tail going to be London only? :disappointed:


We will be London only probably for our first year, but we plan on expanding out to the rest of the UK asap.

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I have just signed up, I have a Monzo card and Starling account, interested to see how this works and progresses.Looks good

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How long is the waiting list Harley? Signed up on the 6th May but not seen any further comms

Hey Tommy, sorry you have not heard from us. We are launching with the Starling API in the next few weeks, I will be getting in touch with everyone on the waiting list then. For updates be sure to check out our twitter: https://twitter.com/TailOffers

Great, thanks :smiley:

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Got this email this morning.

Looks like Monzo roll out is incoming.


This is looking pretty good, it’s exciting to see the potential that integrations like this have for Monzo users -


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Have signed up to your waiting list.

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This looks good. Can’t wait for it to be available for Monzo. Already signed up to the list.

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Wailting for mine :slight_smile:

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I wonder if Tail can realistically compete with my Quidco account…