Monzo Community Monthly Coin Jar?


After watching this week’s open office, they spoke about the staff at monzo often give there coin jar content to someone in the office doing a charity run etc…

This is just an idea off the back of that, if it’s a bit too personal or just a rubbish idea don’t shoot me down too much ha

Wondered if anyone fancy giving a certain percentage of their coin jar pot at the end of each month to a charity, could vote each month cause maybe or pick a single charity for a few months ?

Just thinking could be a motivator to keep saving your “change” and if a fair few donated a few quid each, could be a pretty good total from monzo community all saving their pennies? Me donating a few quid alone would have less impact than a good few of us?

Like I say, just seeing if any interest in giving it a try, I’m going to start donating mine.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

This is a cool idea, in theory Shared Pots (managed by someone trusted :wink:) would enable us to do this ourselves. But realistically they’ll probably have a cap on how many people can contribute.

I have a feeling the legal team would need to give the ok before Monzo started doing it. But if they could find a way, I’d contribute.


Im thinking simply via a certain charity’s just giving page or similar, each person just donated themselves but we tag that’s it’s from monzo community and do a mini running total on here. Saves it getting over complicated and we know together we’ve given a bigger total :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Haha I was totally overthinking this, of course that would work :grin:

I guess we just need to decide on a charity then. Would probably be easiest if there was a way to create a poll which anyone can vote on & also add options too, midway through the vote. A wiki wouldn’t work very well. There must be an app / website for this?


Open to ideas for voting, maybe a Google form where people can add their own option, highest vote on certain date, donations made, counter reset ?