Community Digest 23/06/17

  • Hugo shared a sneak peek of one of our most commonly requested features!

  • We had a great time catching up with the community in Birmingham! You can check out the event debrief including videos of talks from the night here.

  • @Loral joined the forum and introduced the community to Sustainably, a start-up doing amazing things with the Monzo API.

  • There was some interesting discussion around one of our favourite things in the world ever :slightly_smiling_face::kissing_heart::raising_hand_woman::tada::raised_hands::money_mouth_face::sunglasses: Or more specifically if they could be a useful categorization tool…

  • We cleared up some of the unanswered questions relating to using Monzo with taxi/ridesharing apps

  • There were some really lovely comments and kind reviews from new Monzo users on the forum this week. Thank you all! As always, we’re super grateful for your support and belief :kissing_heart:

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