Change to Charity Pot - rounds up transactions and donate to a choosen local charity

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just had an idea, that lines up with Monzo’s moral obligation to have a positive impact within communities.

I purpose that a new Pot feature should be added to Monzo, where you can round up transactions to the nearest pound and donate the change to a charity of choice.

This will be a great feature to have, as the majority of people use bank cards for everyday transactions and hardly anyone has the loose change anymore, to put money into the old charity pots at your local corner shop.

People have changed their behaviour and relationship with money, due to the functionality that technology provides. That’s why this pot feature would be great for Monzo, technology shouldn’t be a barrier that stops people from being generous. Regardless to how people pay for their transactions, they should all have the choices at the end of transaction where the user can keep the change or donate it.

I’ve thought of few ways that this feature can be added:

  1. A feature were the user can set how many pence out of each rounded up transactions goes to charity. (I’d like to help but I can’t give it all away, I need to save)

  2. A dedicate pot to your selected charity and all rounded up transactions will be donated.

  3. Set a rule where 1 in every 3 rounded up transactions would go to a selected charity.

This is a long shot but I would love to see this feature or something similar. In my opinion being responsible with your money is not all about saving all the time, I hope you all feel the same.


Similar to what my employer does with wages.

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One in three goes to charity? :scream:

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I think it is a really cool idea, there have been requests for this in the past on the forum which you can read in the discussions below

And a similar, more community based, idea


While I believe in the concept of charity (helping the deserving etc.), I am sceptical about the whole “charity business”. Yes, I feel it is more business and less charity. I would rather have my pennies being rounded up in my own pot on which I earn interest. However I do not mind a co-op charity model. Whatever money I spend at their stores, 2% of that is given by co-op to a charity. If Monzo does something similar, I would be ok with that.

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I really like the % of round up idea but I don’t think it should go into a “real” pot. Perhaps there amount should go into a pot-like card where it has actually left your account but you can see a total of the amount you have donated.l


You could apply this to crowdfunding/shares in future.

Use the coinjar/roundup and once you have enough to purchase at the share price, buy.

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Awesome idea, but I feel as if it might be adding features for the sake of adding features.

Pots which round up transactions are already available, and it’s so quick to make charitable donations online.

Personally I don’t see there being too much hassle with using a pot and making the transaction manually.

Definitely a good idea, but in my opinion I think it’s probably best for Monzo to work on features which solve more complex problems first.

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What about allowing people to donate their round ups to charity in December for a Xmas themed charity like Shelter or similar?

I’m currently saving around £40/month into my coin jar and whilst I like to save the money most of the time, I could probably be persuaded to donate if I was prompted say just before December for 1 month’s roundups each year?


Barclays Launchpad are testing this!

Rounds up to nearest 10p and you can set a max monthly limit. They have a list of registered charity’s you can choose from (which will probably grow over time).

I’d attach screen shots but the apps ‘security policy’ wouldnt let me take any.

This wouldnt have to take masses of time from Monzos developers, dont Monzo set aside ‘Monzo Time’ for developers to pursue their own projects? Some of them could consider doing this as a side project.

Looks like this is in the works:
Please continue the chat on the thread linked above :slight_smile: