Blog post - Using the Monzo API to help with ethical purchasing

Hi everyone! I spent a bit of time playing with the API and wrote a blog post about it here

I also wrote a little Typescript / AWS Lambda app to do this, if anyone is interested I might post a link, just need to do a few tweaks and tidy up the README!

Hope someone finds it interesting!


This is really interesting! I’d be interested to see Monzo add this sort of thing as metadata in the transaction details to be honest.

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This is amazing, I would LOVE to see something like this directly in Monzo. Knowing if I could have made a better choice when making a purchase is key to sustainable living, we embarked on a journey to try and cut waste in our home during 2019 and something like this would be welcome and allow us to see if we could have made a better choice.

Keep us posted @matt-paul if it becomes something you would release publicly for use.

Thanks @BonzaOwl and @redshift ! I agree, if Monzo could offer it in the first place that would be awesome but understand there’s a million things to work on, so hopefully things like this can add to the ecosystem and add value to the customer with minimal effort on their side. Hoping to chat to someone at Monzo about it at some point, if anyone has a contact for a relevent team then please let me know