Monzo response time issues

So a couple days ago my account was closed without reason (i had a seperate thread about that). No clue why as all i used my account for was shopping and online purchases at places such as amazon or ebay but thats beyond the point. As soon as i opened a formal complaint and asked for a final response letter (to go to a financial ombudsman) their response time support went from roughly 15-30 minutes to about a day and a half. This is absolutely disgusting and being done on purpose!!! i got my friend to go to support with “the same issue” and they got support near instantly but ive been waiting for a day. anyone that can make any sense of this please help me out because im lost…

We’re all just customers on here and only get to hear your side of the story - so nobody can really comment.

Also best to stick to one topic as good practice.

the topic got closed and unlisted because somepeople were using foul language in the comments.

In your opinion. Monzo are governed by the same rules as other banks, their interpretation may be stricter but it’s not for ‘no reason’. I’m sorry you feel disappointed, hope your next bank is more to your liking.


there wont be any other banks any time soon as i have a cifas marker which leaves me with only a monzo.

Good job you’re not biting the hand that feeds you then :speak_no_evil:


Response time will be much longer because it has to go to a specialist team.


well, theres nothing i can really do to get my account reinstated anyway so im just warning others incase they find themselves in the same position

This doesn’t seem surprising to me. I’d expect this kind of query or complaint to require responses from Monzo staff with very specific skillsets, whereas general queries could be answered by any member of the support team. Those staff may have longer queues of outstanding queries to deal with, which is why your query will take longer to answer. I don’t feel this in itself should be a cause for disgust - as you suggest.

Sorry to hear what happened to you. I hope it gets resolved to your satisfaction.


completely different issue from my complaint. me and my friend asked about a completely different issue which they got a reply nearly instantly and i had to wait c onsiderable amount longer


This is perfectly normal. If you are making a serious complaint, do you really think the same person you talk to via in-app chat is going to be dealing with it? It will go to a senior team.


i completely understand that it has to go through a specialised team which deals which those queries.

as for a resolution ive never hear do monzo reinstating their customers closed accounts.

as for the cifas marker ive had that for about 8-9 months and only had my monzo account for less than a month.

Do you really understand? Because in your original post, you state:


Because it’s incredibly rare.

It’s very very very rare they shut an account for “no reason” so there is very few accounts that are reinstated.

I would love to believe you have done nothing wrong and you’re just unlucky, but the cifas marker says otherwise. Regardless of when it was.


people have opened accounts and kept them with a cifas marker, so i dont see why i am meant to be any different.

I think this post is ending up like your last one, where you just ignore people’s feedback and comments, so maybe it’s worth accepting your account is closed, and moving to another bank if you can with your marker.

Trying to convince people that Monzo is bad, isn’t going to be very easy, considering people have been using Monzo for years without a problem.

Wish you all the best :slight_smile:



i understand the comments and feedback people have given and i appreciate all of them. I am not trying to get people to move away from monzo or spread $h!t about it im just giving my feedback and experience i have had with it.

I think they are pretty good , I raised a complaint July 4th they sent a final response on 11th of July , which is within a timescale I would think is good