Support response time abysmal

I put in a support request over 28 hours ago and I’ve had no response. I’m starting to get the impression it’s time to move on from Monzo, and definitely time to cancel Premium.

How has everyone else found it lately?

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Just 28 hours and complaining already. You have barely suffered yet.

Joking, yeah the support is rubbish now.


They really should take a leaf out of HSBC/FD’s book. Live chat that actually is and it’s pretty decent. Even if they do get it wrong you have the advantage of instant correction


They’ve missed you somehow. Send another message.

I’ve sent five since this topic started. :-1:

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22 hours and counting. Really? What’s the point in support if none is given. I really expected better.


I submitted a complaint at the end of February, they’re still investigating apparently.

Cancelled premium and I’m looking at switching too.


Update: Requested support 30th May. Received reply 11th June. Copy and paste response, hadn’t read what I’d put further than my first sentence. Moving to starling.

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Quite embarrassing. What is @monzo going to do to remedy this? Staying silent only makes the issue worse.

This forum isnt for support so you’ll not get a reply here. If you need one and aren’t happy with how they handled the situation, submit a complaint.

Correct. It’s not for support. But it’s for discussion. Which this is :joy::heart:

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Discuss away. You tagged them though :man_shrugging:

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It can’t hurt. I’d imagine complaints go down the same route as the support chat. Unanswered.

Its evident other people share the same thought. It’s good to be addressed, I think

Complaints are addressed.

It’s impossible to compare help requests because they’ll all vary so much, but nobody should be waiting days!

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I can recommend Starling if you need near instant support for things, they’re a lot quicker in my experience, though I hardly ever go through to support

It took them a month for me to be able to reduce my BACS transfer limit

What would be ideal, is a slider you can only put down and have to go through chat if you want to raise it

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Monzo have an embarrassing number of FOS complaints against them, at £750 per case surely it’s cheaper to employ more customer service agents.

Can’t remember the last time I even needed to use support.

Probably over a year ago when I changed my legal name :thinking:

19 hours

Do you have a source to back up this claim?

Looking at the data I can find, the number of complaints seem to be in line with their size/market share. Monzo has more complaints than Starling, but they also have a lot more customers; and Revolut has more complaints than Monzo, but they also have more customers worldwide.

Granted, it’s still embarrassing insamuch as having any complaints is embarrassing - but in terms of comparisons to their industry peers, it seems to me Monzo has nothing to be embarrassed about.


Trying to get through to support as a payment I’ve tried to make twice has been declined both times even after verifying my identity twice. Online says that they’re experiencing longer wait times but no guidance on what they might be