Support phone number unavailable?

Have been trying to call the support number (‭0800 8021281‬) a few times today and there is no answer. Also emailed my query but no response since yesterday, is there an expected turnaround for emails if the phone support is not available?

Phone and particularly email are always slow.

In app chat is where you should ask all your questions (unless we can help with anything?) as this is where all their resource is :slight_smile:

I can’t use chat as I can’t login nor register again (previous customer) and my phone number is already used I’m told… :frowning:

Yep, you can’t re-register because you can only have one account associated with one phone number.

What is the issue with logging in? Do you get an error or anything?

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I don’t have an account. I closed it at least 18 months ago but I can’t even register as a new customer as it also says my phone number is in use.

Ahhh. If you had an account before and now it’s closed then only Monzo can reopen this.

Email is usually a 3 or 4 day wait but it could be longer given the current situation. Phone is very hit and miss, just got to keep trying :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks for that. An auto-reply on the mailbox to be told that would be useful :wink:


Never had to use email but yeah, an estimated wait time as an autoresponder would be nice.

Hope you get it sorted soon :crossed_fingers: or that a staff member sees this and can reach out.

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What’s with the urgency, if it’s been 18 months without a Monzo account?

There isn’t. I’m just asking what the expected turnaround time would be.

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Apologies, just with your many phone calls I thought you were in a hurry.

Even if he wasn’t in a hurry, if anyone makes a phone call to a bank, they would expect them to answer the phone.

Let’s not make it sound like he’s doing something wrong because he wants an answer.


Oh, that’s what I was doing? Is it? Really?

This forum. Wow.

Hopefully they reply to the email soon. Surprised about the phone number, I always assumed that would be fairly easy to get through to

I agree an auto reply email confirming Monzo has got your request and the average time is currently X

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I tried it once in normal times , took 4 minutes to answer, not suggesting it would be anywhere near that short a time at the moment

To be fair, the phone lines for a lot of companies are dead right now. Though you don’t typically expect that to be the case with a bank. Especially a modern one such as Monzo, when it’s a fairly easy task to reroute the process to the homes of employees via VOIP.

Sadly, it would seem, of all the companies I interact with on a regular basis, only my ISP had the resiliency measures in place to support that transition.

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It’s not something special about the times - Monzo cuts you off after waiting a while. Very common for it to happen to customers there’s been a load of posts about it.

Do Monzo not have a queue system implemented? Because that’s frankly unacceptable. I don’t think the current situation justifies it either. If my ISP (a tiny company in the grand scheme of things) can continue providing the exact same level of customer service, albeit with the occasional dog bark in the background, why can’t Monzo, or other companies for that matter?

They do have a queue but there’s also a timer running. I can’t remember exactly how long it is but maybe 5 minutes and it’ll just cut you off / end the call no matter where you were in the queue. You’d just have to keep calling until you eventually got through as you don’t hold your place in the queue if you call back.

Interesting. I’m curious if there is a reason for it, or a technical limitation with their system.