Stopped responding on in app chat


I was speaking to someone two days ago on the app about changing my account switch date and they stopped replying mid conversation - sent a few messages since but no response.

Any recommendations, or do I need to call the number? I was hoping it was something I could sort quickly on the app!


I’d say try the number.

It does sound like the chat has let you down, I’m sorry to hear that. You could certainly try the number, but as it’s now out of office hours, I don’t know how successful that will be.

You could try emailing and seeing if they reply to you before tomorrow morning (and if they don’t, try calling then).

Alternatively, it may be a Monzo staff member such as @kieranmch, @BethS, @cookywook or @simonb will see this post at some point before tomorrow and either get in touch with you directly or be able to advise you more accurately on what course of action you should take.

Hope that’s of some help!


Thanks for that - might just give them a call on the number tomorrow. My issue is I always forget when I’m at work and then when I’m home the lines are closed! :roll_eyes:

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That’s the same for me with everything that has a time window!

@BethS is this something you can have a look at?

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Call, post here until they reply, post on twitter. Public shaming of companies can tend to work if you get a little push behind you.

Finally, you can also put in a formal complaint if you feel Monzo are not doing their job.

I’m afraid I’m on holiday - but our phone is 24/7


Ah! Enjoy your holiday!

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