Want to set up account

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I am trying to set up an account and its telling me mobile number is incorrect. I cant get any further so unable to contact monzo from app. I want to now send them an email but cant find their email address can anybody help or is their a problem with Monzo? Also tried calling but number just cuts off.

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The email address is help@monzo.com

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Thank you.


Are you entering a UK mobile number?

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Yes it is a uk number.

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Have you double checked that there are 11 digits?

Also I’m not sure if this will have an effect but make sure you’re using 07 at the beginning and not +44

That you are typing in the number and not pasting it to avoid any funny characters or spaces etc.

Lastly remove the app, restart your phone and reinstall.

These are all the things I’d try :slight_smile:

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Thank you that is kind for responding. I have actually done everything that you have suggested but still no luck. I have also sent help@monzo.com numerous emails and again they don’t ever respond. Perhaps they don’t need new customers now?

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You’re welcome and I’m sorry that none of those worked.

Because you can’t get into the app you wont see the message telling you that they have long support times currently. They are aggressively recruiting more staff as we speak so hopefully the wait times will be reduced soon but in the mean time Monzo are asking for your patience.

I know this doesn’t really help but once you’re all set up I’m sure it will be worth the wait :wink:


I’ve just sent you a message for your email address so I can look into this for you.

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Thank you so much for your time.

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Thank you.