No response from CS for 13 hours

I have a chat open and haven’t heard back from anyone and need to have my issue resolved today. Is there anything I can do as I keep posting and not receiving any replies. iOS app

Have you telephoned the number on the back of the card? May be an idea if it is deadline related and CS are not replying.


Thanks Kevyn. Yes, the phone number gives an automated response that they can’t help and to email Monzo or try the chat. Neither are replying. Thanks.
Concerned with this service now for the first time.

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i have been waiting since monday for a message back from a phone call about my joint account and still not heard anything !!

Unfortunately you’ve done all that you can so you just need to be patient. I’m sure they’ll get back to you shortly :slight_smile:

Sounds like a response you would give to someone dealing with a legacy bank… :mask:


I don’t work for Monzo, just saying he has done all he can :confused:

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Sounds like a response you’d give to someone using any service if it happened to be true. No one has ever promised ‘instant’ in areas other than notifications so we have to work with what we’ve got in many cases.


Try staying on line it then puts u through to someone

Monzo’s TV ads bigged up the “24/7 support”. That is simply not the case. Support is terrible and they really need to address it.


What I find scariest is you can’t even sit in a queue on the phone to eventually get answered. Sometimes someone picks up and sometimes nobody does.

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