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I withdraw £500 from my holiday pot which takes 24 hours, i requested to receive it sooner as its my kids birthday, couldn’t help me.

Fair enough its my fault.

I then look at the transaction status and it shows 3pm today £500 withdraw from pot. 3pm comes nothing…3.10 comes nothing. I contact chat no response. I call monzo. After speak to one person yesterday, and another this morning and now the third person is telling me the money will come after 5pm. Which is pathetic, how can the app show 3pm, 2 individual confirm its 3pm, now cause i have not received it the guy says 5pm.

I have been very impressed with monzo, but the first time ive actually needed your support it has been shocking.

The money is coming, no credit was offered cause of this delay. Now im running out of time to go buy my kids stuff for their bday, which was initially partially my fault but now monzo are to blame as well

Really disappointed with the support. No resolution whatsoever. Just im sorry nothing we can do.

How about credit my account and keep the money that is coming?? U know like 1 day paid early…

In my app it doesn’t say a time, but I was under the impression it comes by 4pm.

I guess they said 5 just to be safe.


yep, it’s always been 4 afaik but they give the extra hour


Can you provide a screen shot (suitably redacted) to show where it says 3pm on the transaction? I’ve never seen that shown before.

i think its when you tap they greyed out transaction in the feed

Cuz Bacs I assume?

don’t know, never withdrawn from a savings pot but i think someone mentioned it before

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Since yesterday it says 3pm. 4.09 still aint got it


It says “Today, 15:00” at the top of the greyed out transaction for me. It’s obviously gone past this time now…

I must say that this is the first time that it has been this late - I withdraw from pots all the time and it’s normally between 11am and 2pm.

Next day withdrawal is a really frustrating thing to be honest. Monzo are so good at handling things smoothly, consistently and fast - I’m surprised it’s still next day for savings pots.

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I think the next day is for friction , if people leave it in, monzo get more money.

It’s because a 3rd party has to process the withdrawal and then move that to Monzo who in-turn give it to you. AFAIK. :slight_smile:


presumably you applied for the payment at 3pm yesterday ( ??? ) Monzo then have until 5pm the following working day ( today ) to credit your account - it seems quite clear in the screen shot from @Rat_au_van regarding the timescales offered with the interest bearing account by Monzo :man_shrugging:

Quite why Monzo should be offering any credit to you for your late request for withdrawal - I don’t know, they have been quite clear

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Re the 3pm thing - this is the time Monzo places on the transaction that will happen. I ordered my withdrawal at 11pm last night but the transaction immediately enters the feed as 15:00 next day.

This is where the confusion is.


except the OP spoke to monzo yesterday to try and speed the repayment up ??? so applied for yesterday ? so would expect to be credited by 5pm the next working day into the account - today ? - I’m confused on the timings from the original request , but seems to be the agreed terms

I am assuming the chat yesterday was to clarify if it can be hurried along, and the chats today are when it has not arrived by 15:00.

I’m pretty sure the confusion here is that the transaction is pre-timestamped as 15:00 today, but it’s technically possible that this will not actually occur by this time and should be by 17:00 as quoted elsewhere.

And the support complaint element in the original post is down to quoting the 17:00 and not budging from it despite what the transaction time stamp says.

This is my take on it.


I read it as a withdrawn from savings pot at " today 3pm " and “your money will arrive in your account the next business day” as the screen shot shows …as you say confusion of when it was applied for, but the screen shot is quite clear it will arrive " the next business day " not " arrive by 3pm today"

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To put this in perspective, I changed my mobile phone number with The One Account today. I’m informed that this will be processed within 72 hours… given that I now need it to log on this seems less than idea. Wish there was a community forum I could go and be annoyed on!

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But the issue is that there are two different times being quoted…

17:00 next working day is the official line.

The transaction, no matter when you order it, appears in your feed straight away for the next working day and pre-timestamped as 15:00 next working day.

It seems the only time you see the 17:00 time quoted is when you open a savings pot. When you withdraw it doesn’t tell you a time when selecting the amount, just “next working day”. So the only thing you’ve got to go on is the transaction time, so it’s understandable that there’s frustration.


Hopefully from the silence (and the fact it’s nearly 5pm) the OP has had their money now :crossed_fingers:

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