Delayed savings pot withdrawal

Perhaps someone can help me. I requested a withdrawal from a flexible savings pot on Tuesday. The app told me it would clear in my Monzo account the next working day (Wednesday). It’s now Thursday morning and the money has disappeared from my savings pot but hasn’t cleared in my Monzo balance. It appears as a greyed out ‘upcoming’ transaction, due at 16:00 yesterday.

I’ve been told in the in-app chat that this is normal. Am I missing something here? How long do I need to wait? If these delays are indeed normal, the copy in the app that claims it’ll arrive the next day should be changed.

What time on Tuesday?

I can’t quite remember, and it doesn’t look like the app records that. Early evening-ish.

I don’t know for sure but I would guess that as it’s after the business day 9-5, the request may be considered as Wednesday therefore you would receive today(Thursday)

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Sounds stupid but I had this exact same thing last week are you on the new navigation? My withdrawal wasn’t showing but I just needed to swap between payments and home and my feed and balance updated.

I have the same issue at the moment. The app currently tells me it will clear yesterday at 4pm.

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Have you had any explanation from Monzo?

I think it’s a visual bug. I’m fairly certain I withdrew the money outside of office hours.

Had a response from Monzo - they’re going to get a specialist to look at it.

Share if you learn anything. I’ve just been told to wait. I actually have a second withdrawal due at 16:00 today. No idea if that will arrive or if I’ll have two lots of missing money…

Keep us updated

I have the same going on. I’ve pointed Monzo to the thread should anyone here need to provide further info.

I’ve just been told that there is definitely a delay affecting some withdrawals from savings pots. They are investigating and it sounds like affected people will be contacted.

OK, my withdrawal from 15:00 on Tuesday has just cleared. The one from 18:00 on Tuesday is still showing as due to clear at 16:00 today, but we shall see.

Glad to hear it’s eventually cleared for you. Mine is still pending.

…and the expected 16:00 transaction has cleared too, so it looks like I’m back on track. Hopefully everyone else is catching up too.


Yep. I’ve had word that everything should be returning to normal now!

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Bringing this topic up again to find out if anyone else is having issues still- opened a chat a couple of hours ago but no reply except the bot as yet and no ability to mark the chat as urgent.
I scheduled a withdrawal for June 20. My understanding was that if I did that the money would leave my pot on 20th and arrive in my main balance on 21st. Is that understanding correct?
The problem is that’s not quite what seems to be happening:
On June 19 I got the greyed out notification in my feed as expected. The next day (June 20) I got a second greyed out notification but no money and also implying there had been 2 withdrawals not one.
Today (June 21) those 2 disappeared and I have another one greyed out, but showing for tomorrow.
The money ( correct amount- not 2 lots) has left my pot but as there is no ability that I can find to examine pot transactions, I cannot see when it left - June 19, 20 or 21.
It would appear that it is due to now hit my account tomorrow which will be June 22nd.

For what it’s worth, I’ve made a few withdrawals since the problem last week and all went through correctly, most recently yesterday. In all cases, I requested the withdrawal towards the end of the day (out of office hours) and the money cleared in my account at 16:00 the next day.

Thanks for letting me know. Sounds like I may have a problem then. Mine is from an investec pot. May I ask which provider you you are using?

Mine’s a Shawbrook Easy Access pot.

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