Interest Bearing Savings Pots and "Next Working Day" Withdrawals

Withdrawing from a short-term savings pot that gives interest I understand that you have to ‘wait a business day’ to get the funds.

I know “day” is an abstract concept at Monzo (get paid ‘a day’ early and all that) but what are the timings in the Savings Pots case?

In my recent experience a withdrawal on a Wednesday afternoon shows in grey immediately as ‘upcoming’ but as the sun changed to the moon and back to the sun and the “day” clicks over it is still grey. And the amount is NOT considered in the ‘amount left for month’ figure!

Anyone know the expectation here / have the experience?


Next business day at 4pm

Cool. I’ll keep an eye for it. I guess the shortest wait period therefore would be achieved by withdrawing at 23:59:59.99999 the working day before.

Any explanation for why the upcoming amount doesn’t add into the ‘remaining for the month’?

My guess is because it’s not actually back in your account yet. It’s not showing in your Left to Spend because you can’t actually spend it until it arrives.

So 4pm is not correct in my real case. It is now 3pm and the money is in my account i.e.not grey and available to spend. Have I just had it early or is this really 24 hours since I requested it…

Mine is shawbrook, yesterday the notification said available at 4pm

Mine is Charter…

Have you had at look at the individual Ts&Cs for the exact savings pot you have? and or have you asked a COp? That would probably be my first port of call.

I’d hazard a guess that it depends on when you execute the request, requesting at anything past 4:00pm on a working day will likely mean it isn’t executed until the next working day and then your 24 hours will start - but best to get it checked by a COp.

Yeah - there’s a lot of myths and guesses on these forums. I was looking for empirical data.

The often quoted “4pm” is a myth extrapolated from ‘get paid early’.

24 hours is a random guess.

I doubt COp’s will be any use reading other recent threads!

The T&C’s say “it won’t reach your Monzo account until the next working day” - so it could be any time in that day. Today I had it before 3pm. Someone else may not be so lucky.


I mean i’d still ask the COps as they’re the ones who out of any of us will know :man_shrugging:t2: Your solution itself is just as guess as well :man_shrugging:t2:

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Can I confirm that this notification came up at point of withdrawal? Did it say ‘before 4pm’ or ‘at 4pm’? Did it arrive as promised?

At 4pm. Yes the money was there.

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Did you happen to check at 3pm or 3:30pm?


and can you remember the exact wording on the notification you got?

I’ve had it clear by 10am before.

4pm is a cut off time.


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